A Rosy Dream Poem by Soran M. H

A Rosy Dream

Rating: 5.0

Oh, the interrupted breathing-
I met you by chance on the bank of melancholic
and muddy river
I ask you to wander the lanes of the skull
until the arrival of the marriage season
between the rains of immortality and the thirsty
shivering prairies of the psyche.
Henceforth the hands of time shall not devour me -
I shall not be easy prey between the claws of fate
where new grass, unbanned grass will grow inside me.
the locusts will eat that grass,
purge the damned giant from the shells of their intellects
and Evil will settle, forever, into the graves of nothingness

A Rosy Dream
Sunday, January 5, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: suffering
contribute to the souls of one million children died because of economic sanctions
Shaun Cronick 06 January 2020

Soran another beautifully written and heartachingly presented poem illuminating tragedy. Loved the closing line also 'I shall not be easy prey between the claws of fate'. A superb clarion call to the ignorant to wake up and take stock of the world around them and it's suffering. ! 0++ and added to my food for thought list. Thank you Soran and peace be with you.

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Soran M. H 07 January 2020

I don't know whether you have thought to write criticism or no? but I think you would be able to write the academic reviews and criticism about poetry, I hope for you every success and best wishes, Cheers mate ***three stars to you from me***

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Soran M. H 07 January 2020

• Part2/ always your understanding and interpretations are deeper and more accurate comparing with some others, J P Sartre called these type of readings by: the procedure of Readers' rewriting poem...you are the one who gives the poems meanings

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Shaun Cronick 06 January 2020

Soran yet another beautifully written and imagined heart-felt poem demonstrating tragedy, that seizes any readers attention and gifts from them food for thought and a deafening wake up call to the shallow and ignorant. Love the last line and ' I shall not be easy prey between the claws of fate'. Simply wonderful! 10++ added to my human empathy and soul searching chest. Thank you good Soran and peace be with you.

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Soran M. H 07 January 2020

Part 1/ Dear Dr Shaun Thanks for your lovely comments, Honestly and without exaggeration you are the true poetry lover, your examples are very few nowadays, I have noticed from all your important comments how you are seriously looking into the inner side of the poems and seeing what is going on behind the words and the meanings

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Suresh Kumar Ek 17 November 2020

Horrible images Interrupted breathing Melancholic and muddy river Claws of fate Graves of nothingness lanes of skull who are responsible? Powerful poem Thanks Soran, my brother

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Soran M. H 13 August 2020

Hello and Thanks ........ Dear Poet Rose; thank you for your lovely comment, tells us how the experiences in our life are important for the poetry to use them in the right place, then we can look into them and interpreting them in the light of our knowledge and experiences too.. take care, all the best

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 12 August 2020

Another poem of great depth. Powerful and deeply moving. Your great pen can propel the readers to follow the wisdom embedded in this poem A great poem to be treasured forever 10++

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 12 August 2020

A poem of hope, determination and bravery. We shall never allow ourselves to bow in any circumstance, to evilness and darkness. We shall conquer evil at all costs.

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Soran M. H 04 August 2020

Dear poet Valsa George Thank you for sparing your time to read my humble poem, , really your generous commentary encouraging me to write better, kind regards keep writing and stay blessed

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