A Second Life Poem by Anita Atina

A Second Life

Rating: 5.0

You have given me a second life

Now I have begun afresh, to dream again

Back from the void, the black emptiness where I had withdrawn

As you hold my hand, and lead me to the vale of hope

I look at you and wonder at this blessing

A second life that now lives in me.

Adeline Foster 14 December 2011

Yes, what was it that Emily Dickenson said? “Hope is the thing with feathers / That perches in the soul” Read mine - O Dearest Love - Adeline

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Al Ramos 13 October 2008

Life can be a piece of cake, but don't eat it all, save some for seconds

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Stone Granite 28 June 2008

The hand is held by an Angel, who has earned her wings - so that the second life may be lived as a fulfilled life should be lived.

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Junior Pocoloco 03 June 2008

Helen Keller said that the most important things in this life can not be seen or touched. Incredibly true. And for those who give us hope when we need it most, those are the ones we thank for the rest of our lives, something I know very well. Raymond

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Francis Duggan 13 January 2008

A very good poem of hope for the future after what seems a bit of down time for you Anita surely deserves more comments and thank you for your words of encouragement

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