Judging Ourselves Poem by Anita Atina

Judging Ourselves

We dislike in others, reflections of

The dark shadows of our soul

We want to escape

Judging others

Criticizing, fault finding

In reality condemning ourselves

Unable to face the truth

Rejecting the reality we may find

Forgiving ourselves too easily

While transferring blame to the other

He did this to me! Look at what she did!

Its easier to get by this way, but not simpler

Truth doesn’t escape a knowing heart

Biding time, till we accept

That judging others is to judge ourselves

© 29 May 2008, Anita Atina

Frank Bana 29 May 2008

And it is a judgment on ourselves too. A poem strong and true.

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Stone Granite 16 June 2008

Judge in a mirror and not a window. Such wisdom and articulated quite nicely. Stone

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David Desantis 11 June 2008

awesome inciteful poem Anita...so many truths in this...by finding faults in others you are really just covering up your own flaws...truth finds everyone...i really enjoyed, excellent poem

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Vidyadhar Durgekar 07 June 2008

good poem..............keep writing anita

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Theresa Moore 01 June 2008

Your poem reveals introspective wisdom. Well done.

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Richard Blanch 31 May 2008

That one speaks home almost too uncomfortably. It would be good if one did not go on wanting to escape the next time too.

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