A Second Saviour Poem by Indranil Bhaduri

A Second Saviour

Rating: 4.4

Life gets annihilated, history rewrites,
War grasps nature with its caliginous veil
Human race cries in intense pain,
Green goes dry as icebergs melt,
And death triumphs in torrential rain,
While submerged humanity rummages
Seeking for a hopeful verse!
Erupting volcanoes, devastating quakes
Turns around those blissful days
As we mourn with each heavy blow
And dig our own destiny in a deep hollow,
Stars don't shine in this bloody universe
We wait for a new saviour, a second Jesus.

Copyright © 2013 Indranil Bhaduri

Mohabeer Beeharry 03 September 2013

Indranil, let me say I like this poem.sorry for the despair. But look at the situation in a less emotive way. We are all apt to blame God for what is happening. And we forget him when everything goes right. Now we want him to come and send someone to clean the floor for us. Think of the but hearing of the red Indians, the gassing of Jew and the actual killing of each other in Syria, Egypt and rapes and murders, God did not do any of these. There are more things happening in the ether, that you and me can think of. And those natural disasters are direct results of the cries and the fears of thousands butchered, and the spirits finding no war to go where they should. I do not believe God should another one to be butchered on the cross again. We should start doing the cleaning. Prayer may be one of the way to clean. I m sorry. Please excuse me if I hurt your feeling. Not meant to Mohabeer Beeharry

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Tirupathi Chandrupatla 25 August 2013

In a world devastated with calamities, we keep looking for a new hope. Neatly expressed. Thank you.

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S.zaynab Kamoonpuri 24 August 2013

Many religions await a saviour. I esp admird all the things u employ here frm nature's imagery of icebergs n quakes to more. Kudos.

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Dipy Hermonite 24 August 2013

Hope, courage, determination, compassion, empathy, integrity, good poetry like the present one and little push from that Unified Force in the Sky is all that it will take to resurrect our world. So lets get started! ! We are so many who share these values and beliefs! ! Thank you Indranil for this masterpiece.

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Aswath Raman 21 August 2013

We need a Hero now! And His resurrerction is quite inevitable! A wonderful, yet thick write my friend! Thick as blood! But somebody wise said once, Be the change you want to see!

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Yash Shinde 05 April 2014

.............a fantastic and beautiful pieces sir...........an intense touching write........

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Patricia Grantham 25 November 2013

A very intense and touching poem. Life can come and go, this is the way of the world. Our Creator will make everything alright one day. Well written.

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Donald Kuutsi 17 October 2013

yah you have the vibe keep its up! ! What an inspiring Poem..life its just a constant process of dying and life is too short... Good poem! ! !

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Rituparna Sen 07 September 2013

Mankind is responsible for the slow destruction of earth. But at the same time, hopes build in the name of a second saviour. Fantastic piece of work.

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Ramesh Rai 07 September 2013

certainly you believe in NETI NETI n n the voice of Krishna yada yada...... a mighty power appears to save the creation for imstance avtaar of vishnu but it is always changing as per circumstances n need. its happen so SAMBHWAMI YUGE YUGE but what should b form n complex is a complex matter. indeed he will b a saviour to save the creation. so good thoughts n skilled write

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