A Shadow Without A Home Poem by Tex T Sarnie

A Shadow Without A Home

In the early hours of this morning
I was wakened by a raging storm.
Several seconds later I realised
I was hovering above my form.

The physical part is below me, pale, and lifeless,
and apparently, I'm up here and quite alone.
I cannot for the life of me understand this,
it's totally unreal, like a shadow without a home.

The consequences of which are unknown
I'm lost without my former self or logic.
What am I capable of now I'm an invisible entity,
I've never read ‘An idiots guide to being a spirit? '

I suppose I ought to venture out into the world,
The storm has past over and it's now a lovely day.
The sky is blue and cloudless, and the sun is shining,
but there's no warmth, and one to help me on my way.

There are other shadows nearby, but they are not like me.
These shadows are casting shadows, and I'm not being cast.
What does that mean to an un-cast shadow, such as I?
Are the other shadows inferring that I will not last?

As an entity I'm beginning to get really anxious now,
the sun is still bright, but I am slowly fading away.
I wonder if I am also about to die like my physical form,
and my final departure was just an unfortunate delay?

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