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Aircraft engineer turned artist, writer of novels and poetry, book producer and self publisher.

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18 March 2019

Without words or speech we would be oblivious to thoughts of expression.

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Prabir Gayen 15 December 2018

Very good poet you are......

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My Search For A Partner

I was looking for the type of lady
that didn't wind me up and drive me crazy.
I eventually found seven with true potential
and they all were in their way quite sensational.

Alice with her politeness and beauty
definitely did things to excite me.
And Jane with her long legs and lovely hair
I'd be proud to take her anywhere.

Sue was a magnificent Michelin Star chef
and her cooking simply took away my breath.
Vicki had a talent and knew how to make me laugh,
unfortunately she also led me down the garden path.

Now Joan had a marvellous mind and body,
and I always liked her next to me.
Carol had beauty and a phenomenal brain,
but she got under my skin and gave me pain.

Wendy was my dream, the one I settled for in the end
she was my ideal woman, and everyone's friend.
She was unselfish, devoted, loving, caring, and clever,
and a woman that I wanted to spend my life with forever.

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