Tex T Sarnie Poems

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My Search For A Partner

I was looking for the type of lady
that didn't wind me up and drive me crazy.
I eventually found seven with true potential
and they all were in their way quite sensational.


I didn't want to tell you a lie
because I know that if you found out
you would say goodbye
and I would be left broken-hearted.

Creepy Crawlies

In the darkness of the night when you are lying in your bed
do you think about the creatures that may invade you while you sleep?
The housebound spiders, woodlice, silverfish, earwigs, and ants,
that may enter your body just looking for a place of retreat.

The Journey

At the beginning and throughout our life's journey
we don't know where we're going until we arrive.
We walk many winding paths and cul-de-sacs,
often believing that we have reached our destination.

Please Answer

I have tried my best to phone you
last night and throughout the day.
How can I explain what happened
if you won't listen to what I say.

True Love But Painful

I know about all your faults and silly idiosyncrasies,
but I accept them because I love you.
I know you love yourself more than you love anyone else
and think that you are God's gift, but I still love you.

A Road Without End

I began my journey on this long and winding road,
the road that every person has to make.
I didn't know at the beginning or even now
where it would take me, or how long it would take.

Is Anybody There

The full moon has taken up its position
and the sun has long since gone down.
It's unusually cold and fusty smell lingers in the air,
but it's quiet and still, and there's no one around.

Me, Myself

Why is it that when I'm sitting alone in the dark
my imagination always tries to frighten me?
I don't want to know about ghosts and poltergeists,
who regard this house as their sanctuary.

Inner Demons 1

Inner Demons 1

As far as I can remember
I never experienced demons as a child.

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