The Journey Poem by Tex T Sarnie

The Journey

Rating: 5.0

At the beginning and throughout our life's journey
we don't know where we're going until we arrive.
We walk many winding paths and cul-de-sacs,
often believing that we have reached our destination.
For a while we may achieve some contentment,
but then we question the purpose of our tasks.

In reality our journey is ended by our last breath,
but during the time between of our first and last,
we have been controlled by a solitary dictator.
Not the Omnipotent, or even mother nature,
but pure and simple circumstance,
this is our master and navigator.

Some believe that the final breath signifies the end,
but others believe that it's only the beginning.
Just another step along the endless corridor of time.
But this time, as a spiritual life-form fully equipped
with all the knowledge and memories, you acquired
for your final eternal journey to the sublime.


Loved it. Five stars

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Tex T Sarnie 28 April 2022

Thank you sir, most kind, i feel flattered. Kind regards.

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I find here a tinge of Biblical sanity, a sprinkle of Indian philosophy, a dot from Gita… Beautifully crafted. The poet skilfully conceals the profoundness of the ideas he puts forward in the simple language

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