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A Showcase For P H Poets: D E C E M B E R 2015: Section ' D '...[11th Monthly Showcase Of Poems; Some Changes; A New Poem Introduction! ; "Fun"? ] - Poem by Bri Edwards

In this SECTION "D "of the DECEMBER 2015 showcase, the poems will be (generally) of the following length: MORE THAN 50 [FIFTY] LINES. Each poet may have one poem in this section.
Shorter poems are to be found in Sections A, B, and C. Please see previous months' showcases, particularly the two showcases for October, designated Section A and Section B, to learn more about how I am managing this display of poems by PH poets. This month the showcase has four (4) sections: A, B, C, and D, as did November's showcase! Section A is for ‘short' poems, and Sections B and C are for ‘medium length' poems.

bri :) enjoy!

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FOUR: ? ?

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THREE: VALSA GEORGE (India; Female; 61)

An Indian Railway Station

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TWO: BRI EDWARDS (United States; Male; 67)

(book # 1) : Sheila And Clifford: 'Hello! ' ……. [new Relationship; Shyness; 'Un-Shyness'; Very Long, But Very Good? ]

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ONE: DARLENE WALSH (United States; Female; 21)

Blue Sees A Bee

(and the sequel/followup poem) :

Blue Sees Another Bee

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FOUR: ? ?

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THREE: by Valsa George

An Indian Railway Station

The banshee shriek
of arriving trains,
The chug- chug sound
of departing ones,
The commotion and hullabaloo
of swelling crowds,
of incessantly falling footsteps,
The rising haggle
of blue clad porters,
The screech of trolleys
across tiled floors,
The hurried departure and goodbyes
of those heading for the sleeper coaches,
The thud of falling boots
of cops in khaki uniforms,
The cries of children
jolted out from sleep,
The engine's grate,
The hiss and rush;
A jumbled medley of scenes
and raucous sounds

A railway station never is still

Always thronged by people,
it is the haven for a floating population
not only of daily commuters
and long distance travellers,
but of people who do not have
a roof over their heads

As the evening train
departs with a long whistle,
the crowd vanishes
making one wonder
where the exodus of people
have disappeared in seconds!
The din subsides.
The rush narrows.

As the light dims,
wayfarers who have no shelters
come and occupy the empty corners
They lay down their tired torsos
on soiled sheets spread on the floor
and soon are wafted into sleep
and glide into a world of oblivion
seemingly complete
but broken by disturbing dreams
and the bite of swarming mosquitoes

As the daytime business is closed down,
the vendors of fruits and snacks,
of plastic baubles and stuffed toys,
wind their way homewards.

Then the night business commences,
in the dark pockets around the station!

A woman in heavy makeup,
and heady perfume
landed unseen from somewhere
as driftwood on a lonely beach
and wait here, at the appointed rendezvous
for her prospective customer

The railway station thus
plays host to all
receiving and seeing off thousands
set to locations different
and missions varied!

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Bri's note: I wondered where Valsa slept at night. hmm?

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TWO: by Bri Edwards

(book # 1) : Sheila And Clifford: 'Hello! ' ……. [new Relationship; Shyness; 'Un-Shyness'; Very Long, But Very Good? ]

Chapter One

As I entered the resort condo I'd be sharing with a stranger,
I couldn't help wondering if there could be some danger ….
from signing up for a two weeks stay, sharing (to have less to pay) …
with a woman whom I'd never met, BUT I could do it, my mind did say.

I'd seen her photo on the sharing site and we had emailed twice.
Though I knew little about her, … online she certainly did seem nice.
An accountant, unmarried, no children, …. non-smoker, and no pets.
With separate bedrooms and baths, ….. how difficult could it get?

Probably I'd spend most of the stay working on my book,
in a seaside cabana, ….. and at night I'd read and cook.
She'd said she planned to sightsee, do a little shopping.
Nights she planned to eat out, and then do some barhopping.

I‘ve never been married, ….. though I've been tempted twice.
Bachelorhood for me works quite well; I think it's rather nice.
I'm not a prude by any means: I do date, though rarely.
Sometimes in a conversation I hold my own …....just barely.

When I picked up my condo key, I learned she had arrived.
As I entered and saw a suitcase I thought 'so far I have survived.'
Then I heard Sheila call out 'Clifford, I'm in the kitchen. Hello! '
I responded 'Hello, Sheila. To which bedroom shall I go? '

She stepped out into the living room, and I felt a bit of fear,
for Sheila was holding a cocktail, wearing only panties and brassiere.
'My stuff is in the second room, but you can have your choice.'
I would have said 'I'll take the first one', but I ….could not find my voice.

She smiled the sweetest smile....I'd seen in many a year,
and said 'Oh, Cliff, don't mind me at all; there's NOTHING to fear.'
I gulped and returned her smile as best I could; at least I tried.
Then I checked into the first bedroom, trying my embarrassment to hide.

I'd always been shy around the 'fairer sex', since I was a kid.
I freshened up in the bathroom, unpacked, and came out from where I'd hid.
By then she'd put on a short-sleeved blue cotton shirt,
and a floor length, slightly-see-through, yellow skirt.

'Sorry if I shocked you Cliff. Do you mind me using 'Cliff'? '
I said, 'Uh, no, Sheila, please excuse me. With strangers I can get stiff.'
[As soon as I said 'stiff', meaning 'uncomfortable', I knew my face would redden.
The silence then between her and me was so heavy it seemed

Chapter Two

Then she laughed. And I laughed too. I couldn't help myself.
She went back to the kitchen and took another glass off of a shelf.
I heard some other sounds she was making with drink preparation.
Then she came out with a party hat and a noisemaker, like it was a celebration.

‘Well? ' she said, approaching me and holding out a drink.
'How do you like the place so far? ' My face had gone from red to pink.
'Uh, well, I've never been this far south. The weather here is great.
Uh, and from what I've seen so far, everything seems first rate.'

Again I knew what she was thinking as she gave me a practiced wink.
I looked down at my shoes. Then I took a sip from my drink.
'Well, I think it is fabulous here. I've been here twice, you know', she said.
'In fact it wouldn't be a bad place to retire to, if I retire before I'm dead.'

To that I gave a little chuckle, though I really didn't think it funny.
I couldn't get out of my mind …. that she looked just like a Playboy Bunny.
She winked again, and I think my blood pressure shot up a mile.
I said 'I'm going to get groceries. Want anything? ' 'No' she said, with a smile.

Then she said 'I'm going to take a dip in the pool,
then eat at 'La Bamba'. Their menu makes me drool.
After that I'll probably stop at Two Aces Lounge for a drink or three.
If you're not busy, say about ninish, feel free to stop and join me.

I glanced at my shoes and back at her, and took another sip.
I'd seen her in her underwear. I wondered if she wore a slip.
'Well, Sheila, that's nice of you, but it's been a long day. I think I'll pass.
I may stay up till ten or so, checking my email, if I don't run out of gas.

Suit yourself' she replied. 'I'll be late, but I'll tiptoe
past your room.
You probably won't bother me in the morning. I sleep like King
Tut in his tomb.
Again I let out a little chuckle, but this time it was for real.
As I drove to get groceries, I thought about how she made me

Chapter Three

I got back an hour later and called her name, but she was gone.
I fixed myself an Italian dish, rich with goat cheese and wild prawn.
I did the dishes, reviewed email, and checked the time each half hour.
I thought about the Two Aces, but my recent luck with women had been sour.

In bed by ten, asleep by eleven; at two a.m. I heard her 'tiptoe' by.
Tomorrow I'd work on my third novel. Or at least I'd try.
I heard her shower running about 11 a.m. ….. as I typed away.
She pranced out wrapped in a towel, seeking coffee, …. with her bunny sway.

A wink and a smile she gave as she passed my open door.
[I hoped I hadn't bothered her snoozing with my sawing snore.]
I looked up again as, with her coffee, she passed my door by.
I could not help myself; I smiled. I'm not quite sure why.

Later she came out of her room in a long flowery dress.
I was glad I'd cleaned up after my breakfast and not left a mess.
I'd seen she'd brought o.j., yogurt, English muffins and her booze.
I decided to visit her in the kitchen. I'd nothing to lose.

'Good morning' I offered, as I boldly entered her space.
'Good morning back at ya' she purred, as I looked at her face.
'How was your night? ' I asked, while looking at shoes and stirring my brew.
'Not bad, but I always like beds better when there are two.'

'Two? ' I did ask. 'How would you use more than one bed? '
'Two PEOPLE, silly! ' she answered, and I almost fell over dead.
I felt like running back to my room. My face sure felt hot.
Sheila said 'Care for coffee, juice, or ….. muffin? I brought a lot.'

'Uh, no, thank you. I've eaten, but …. well, yes, why not coffee? '
We sat in silence before she said 'I've not fixed my hair yet; I must look 'awfy'! '
I felt like I should say something to that, but at first my tongue was tied.
'You look great to me' I said, then I felt myself blushing, ….
and I could not hide.

'I'm glad that you think so. My mom always told me I got lucky
with looks.
But I hate when men judge women that way, and they think we can't read books.
There are advantages, sure, to being born with nice teeth,
hair, and skin,
but I'd like for a man to appreciate my mind too, before his
heart I win.

Chapter Four

'So you read any good books lately? ' I asked, hoping she had.
And to get onto that subject, Sheila seemed to be glad.
She said she'd read The Agony And The Ecstasy, The Old Man And The Sea,
some sci-fi, some philosophy, …… and a book about her family tree.

Not all had been read 'lately' she admitted. She had lots else to do.
By the time we'd shared parts of our life stories, it was …. almost two.
Two in the afternoon that is. Then she went to the spa to run and swim.
While she was gone, I lay on my bed, door closed, and had a talk with 'him'.

We followed a similar routine for the next three, I think, days.
I grew more relaxed with her, and more fond, as I learned more of her ways.
She was always dressed completely OR in a big towel …. and her smile.
Finally she invited me to dine with her and go barhopping. I'd be on trial.

[My mind said 'Don't risk it. Be comfortable with what you've got',
but my heart said 'Go for it Cliff', and I found myself ‘on the spot'.]
I couldn't keep her waiting for an answer. Was I a boy or a man?
So I said 'I'd be happy to dine with you. I'll keep up with you …. if I can.'

It was 10 a.m. when she invited me, as she was heading out the door.
We arranged to meet at a nearby bistro. I hoped I'd not ….. be a bore.
I got a trim at the barber shop, bought a new tie, and shined my shoes.
We'd be going separate ways in a week or so; what did I have to lose?

We both found ourselves at the condo, showering and dressing at 5: 30.
No matter what else happened on our 'date', I knew we'd not be dirty!
She had actually not used the word 'date', nor had I, but it started out like one.
I hoped I could keep my cool, not mess up, and even have some fun.

We decided to walk together the few short blocks, from the condo, to dine.
She had on a black cocktail dress and a lacey shawl. I thought she looked divine.
We got a table on a covered deck, facing the emerald sea.
She insisted she pay for the meal, but said drinks, later, would be on ME.

I learned she had three siblings, and parents, both retired.
She claimed she'd slapped a boss once (for 'touching her') and gotten..…. herself fired.
I told her about me being a Boy Scout and a standout paperboy.
I shared some about my writing career, …. and some things I do

The food was good. She had a healthy appetite. All was going
I hoped our evening barhopping …… would not my spirits quell.
She said 'Hi! ' to several diners I did not know.
But if my presence embarrassed her, it surely didn't show.

One glass of wine each, with dinner, ……. was all we had.
I guessed she'd drink more on MY money later. [sometimes my
thoughts are 'bad']
She paid with Visa and she added, I think, .... a generous tip.
Down the street we strolled at sunset, to the 'Pouting Lip'.

Chapter Five

That was the bar's name and it seemed an upscale place.
Now she covered her shoulders with her shawl trimmed with lace.
She led me to a far corner where we shared a corner booth.
I ordered scotch-and-water for me, and for her something with vermouth.

I'd never barhopped, and didn't know barhopping protocol.
I said a silent prayer that, with Sheila, on my face I wouldn't fall.
She had her own accounting office, loved tennis and seafood.
She talked of past boyfriends, which I'd been told by others was kind of rude.

But Sheila seemed so relaxed with her stories and made me …. the same.
She even got me to talk of old girlfriends, though my stories seemed quite tame.
'Tame' compared to her stories that is; she seemed a free spirit.
I'd thought I might embarrass myself, but now I did not fear it.

Forty minutes and she said to me 'Cliff, I think it's time to hop.'
So off we strolled, another block away; she paused to window shop.
Our second 'bar' had a singer, no cover charge, but the drinks were pricey.
Sheila reached over and touched my hand briefly once. I was feeling far from icy.

She'd had an abortion while in college. That may have made me blush.
Since then she'd been on birth control. With Sheila, the subject was not 'hush hush.'
[Could she be coming on to me? Was I to be her one-night stand? ]
As we walked to number three in the moonlight, Sheila grabbed my hand.

I squeezed it lightly and gave her a small reassuring smile.
[Could she know, at that moment, that my heart was racing a 4-minute mile? ]
Our last bar stop had a comedienne, followed by a dance quartet.
As Sheila and I danced closely, I could feel myself ….. getting wet.

I'll stop now with this tale ……. of my two-week adventure.
You may wish to know what else happened, BUT …… I'll not risk a censure.
Of course any who read this may want to use your OWN imagination.
Sometimes that is good to do, to avoid the dreaded brain-stagnation.

(October 21st and November 4th & 5th,2014)

[TO BE CONTINUED in '(Book # 2) : Sheila And Clifford: HEATING UP! ']

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Bri's note: Some of the chapters get pretty 'steamy'. Don't read if you are adverse to 'soft porn'! ! :) bri

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ONE: by Darlene Walsh

Blue Sees A Bee

I see a bee, I must catch the bee
Bee is bug, all bug are for me
Must get the bee, before it flee
I chase it here, as you can see
I chase it there before it's free

But Darla says no, no to bee
Bee is not bug, Blue let it be
Eat not the bee, let it be free
But get it I must, bug it be
Bee is bug, all bug are for me

No bee for Blue, no bee for you
Bee is not bug, Blue can't you see
Hurt you it will, if catch the bee
Leave the bee be, let bee be free
No bee for Blue, says Darla on knee

Buzz here buzz there, buzz buzz near tree
Bee is bug, it must not be free
Bug it is, all bug are for me
One snap of teeth, and no more free
Quick I am, quicker I must be

But Darla says no, no to bee
Darla knows best, knows bug from bee
I want bug fast, bee is a bug
But Darla say no, no bee for me
Darla knows best, bee will be free

Now time for belly rub
A belly rub for me


Blue Sees Another Bee

I see a bug, is it a bee
Darla has said no bee for me
It is a bug, a bug for Blue
But I was taught to listen to you

I want the bug, even it is bee
Bee is bug, all bug are for me
I see bee in bush, and bee in tree
Bee is bug, it must not be free

Darla can't see, she is not here
And bee sits in bush right over there
One snap of teeth, and no more free
Quick is bee, quicker I must be

Catch bee I must do, I'm quicker than you
Snap bee with teeth, now I must rue
Hurt me it did when I catch the bee
Should listen to Darla, bee must be free

Next day again I see a bee
Bee is bug, bug must be for me
But careful I am, you will see
Snap fast fast and faster at the bee

Snap fast fast and fast at bee in bush
Snap fast at bee, snap in a rush
Buzz goes the bee as I snap very fast
Falling to dirt goes the bee at last

Quick was the bee, but quicker was I
Bee lies on ground, not very sly
Bee doesn't flee snapped to pieces
Then swallow it I do, the bee ceases

Bee is bug, all bug are for me
Bee is bug, it must NOT be free

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Please see other, shorter, poems in Sections A, B, and C. :) bri

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BRI :)

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