Fun-Eral....... [my Funeral; Relatives; Life And Death; Fun] Poem by Bri Edwards

Fun-Eral....... [my Funeral; Relatives; Life And Death; Fun]

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Did you ever notice, in "funeral", the much smaller word, Fun?
If there was a funeral for me, who would "from it" and who would "to it" run?
At 64 I'm overdue perhaps; why should I any longer stick around?
In our big paper dictionary, many as young or younger than I have died, I've found.

I've no wish for a funeral; burn me to ashes and be DONE!
But IF I had a funeral, I'd wish it were a bit of fun........
for me at least, and hopefully for all those who might come.
But it's usual, I think, for funeral-attendees to seem a little glum.

If I knew I could NOT avoid..... a public showing in a casket,
I'd want a convex mirror mounted near my head,... using tricks to mask it......
so I could see what was going on at my fun-final-farewell party, AND
to see who might show flowing tears, and who might show laughter, hearty.

Perhaps I'd see a sibling or two or three. I surely would hope not all four.
At least one (the oldest) , I think, would be practical and not attend; maybe more.
After all, why spend the money and time? They should all know me by now.
BUT I might understand, if they lived close by.....and if someone served free chow.

My ex-wives, if they had money, might show up well shoed and gloved,
and, if my wife saw my exes at my funeral, she'd be happy I'd been loved.
My stepdaughters might show up, thinking it the thing "to do".
And if their mom outlived me, they'd be closer to the money too.

I've got some old friends who'd wish me well, but I doubt they'd make the trip.
One cousin might show up; she and I were once "glued-at-the-hip".
My parents are long gone from this life; no funerals THEY had.
If I looked into my mirror and saw them not, I'd be neither glad nor sad.

My one and only child, if anyone, I'd hope to see in casket mirror.
I'd hope not to see her chuckling, but instead to see a tear.....
or two, but not many. She should know I'm satisfied to rest,
as I've taken my humanity course, and (I think) passed the test.

(February 2013)

Fun-Eral....... [my Funeral; Relatives; Life And Death; Fun]
the stanza, starting 'My ex-wives', used to read something like this:

My ex-wives, if they had money, might show up to see if i was REALLY dead,
and if my current wife saw my exes at my funeral, she would hit ME in the head.

fortunately, or unfortunately, my 'current wife' glanced at the screen as i was letting her use HER computer for a few minutes. i was a bit surprised when i found that she had read the poem (or at least that stanza) AND she had changed the end of the second line to the way it now is in the finished poem. so i had to satisfy both of us by changing the story a bit and finding a word to rhyme with loved. which do my readers like more i wonder. i like both!
Ellias Anderson Jr. 27 July 2013

well, i should say that funeral is the last party for all of us, saying goodbye to all the people who we love and care about. also they come to say goodbye to us. (but at that time we can't open our mouth and say anything.) in our funeral we should be glad and laughing due to our good past, (if we really had one) and the other will cry to lose a great human, (again if we were a good person) . i think it will be a nice funeral. and about the last line, it's just perfect Bri, i really love the ending. (kinda collaboration) and at last, we all are going to that party, and at that time, (also my soul) will remind this brilliant work. will whisper it under soil and get rest. thanks for this great and impressive write dear. Your loyal friend Elias.

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Valsa George 25 February 2016

I’ve got some old friends who’d wish me well, but I doubt they’d make the trip........... I am sure you mean people like me! Yes, I may not show up as it is too far away........ but definitely i would shed a tear..... not just one but a trickle...........! ! . How I enjoyed your funeral.......! I doubt in case you see some ice cream vendor on the way, you might jump out of your coffin! Loved reading it! A 10

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Bri Edwards 04 March 2016

dear Valsa, today you say trickle, tomorrow will it be 'flood'? i know you women are fickle, but please cry....more than a trickle! after all, bri edwards is NO common dud! ! say, you've given me a wonderful idea, Valsa. when the medics arrive, and find i've no......'pulsa', they can cart me away, fill with chemicals my bloodstream, and, in my casket, mechanics can install a dispenser 4 ice cream! ! bri :)

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Bri Edwards 23 December 2016

this poem eats poo poo! ! don't worry. i'm not serious. i'm testing a theory on how to modify a poem comment once it has been left. if i don't succeed, your eyes will see my original comment. bri ;) i'm doing this for a PH friend who i think wants to modify a comment he left for someone.

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Bri Edwards 04 November 2022

Hey, Bri, what the are you talkin' about, you crazy poet? ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! bri ;)

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Bri Edwards 05 November 2022

to ALL READERS and commenters of my poem, PAST, PRESENT, or FUTURE. Special thanks for HONEST comments, whether pro or con or neutral. : ) bri edwards aka brian edward whitaker aka bri ;)

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kyvin nash 15 January 2021

You're a surprising writer bri...your style is very humorous and straight to the point, love the way you pic each one according to their characters which many people like to be pretentious at funerals, you brought fun in funeral, another good one friend!

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M.J. Lemon 30 December 2020

Great poem, Bri. So much irony in the topic. And why is it called 'a wake.' Just saying right now, again, causes the irony to bubble over.

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Quoth Theraven 11 October 2020

A light-hearted requiem for Bri Edwards.. The poet that put the fun in funeral and wake in awake. Let there be no croc tears from eyes when they eulogize., for " in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make..." QtR & Sir Paul McCartney

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 12 November 2019

.Very straightforward write with great rhyme. A one of a kind poem that can take us to the real world. Loved reading it.

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