'Poetic Pizza' Pieces For Poemhunter Pals....[fantasy Poem/Pizza Creation; Personal] Poem by Bri Edwards

'Poetic Pizza' Pieces For Poemhunter Pals....[fantasy Poem/Pizza Creation; Personal]

Rating: 4.6

Kanav Justa suggested I share my pizza with PoemHunter friends,
but I’ve found, when trying to send real pizza, my wife’s computer bends.
So you PoemHunter friends will have to settle for.... slices of my thoughts.
You’ll have to settle for “Poetic Pizza” Pieces my mind and pen have wrought.

Instead of dough for its foundation, I use what I see and hear and think.
Instead of an oven for baking, I bake on notebook pages (or paper scraps) with ink.

Instead of tomato or pesto sauce I spread a layer of imagination and/or knowledge.
“Pizza” is one of the few things I feel I can make well, and I need not...... to have gone to college.

Instead of cheese I at times use insight, advice, and/or humor; rarely it is sleazy.
Valsa George enjoys a taste of my “humour”, though some of it.... may be cheesy.

Instead of extra toppings of peppers, mushrooms, fish or meat,
I sprinkle most of my slices with yummy rhymes, making them..... so 'right' to eat.

My “pizza” and “slices” come in three sizes: Large, Medium, and Small.
I have an appetite for Extra-large myself, but I wish to please you all.

I hope you find some “Poetic Pizza” pieces that you like,...... none TOO HOT, nor TOO COLD,
and if any of you diners have complaints, PLEASE let me know it. BE BOLD!

(October 31,2013)

i have named two of my ph friends. my ph photo shows me eating a slice of pizza. i put marks around the word 'right' because i was taught that 'right' means the opposite of 'left', but the word has come to be used (by me as well) instead of the word 'correct'. of course right and left also have political meanings as well 'these days'. i purposely use two spellings for the word(s) humor/humour in order to humor everyone, whether they speak the 'king's english' or the CORRECT ENGLISH language! bon appetite! ! :)
Professor Plum 23 April 2018

Makin' me hungry. Love it!

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Bri Edwards 11 January 2024

Eat your heart out, Mr. Professor. What does THAT mean anyway? ? ? : )

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Sylvia Frances Chan 02 May 2019

Bri, constantly humorous poems on the PH pöem site run, so much fun, came across this pizza verse, truly fun-making pizza, eh I mean truly fun making poem, yes, PIZZA! I have enjoyed one of your old verses. Excellent one! 10.

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 12 July 2024

Wonderful poem of wit and great imagination. Top Marks!

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Rose Marie Juan-austin 12 July 2024

I agree with the comments of Poet Unnikrishnan Menon. It is indeed a great gift to entertain people with amazing humor.

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Lyn Paul 04 February 2024

Dear Bri. This is your absolute best. I love it,10 years old also. Kanav had a good plan. Hope you care for the amazing hogs. See you and your wife when you arrive in Australia

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Humour comes to Bri quite naturally. It is an extraordinary gift, dear poet. Enjoyed your pizza. For, ‘imagination' Is absolutely the ‘sutablest" spread for a poetic pizza

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Bri Edwards 07 April 2024

Thanks. I hope you left some slices for the next reader! But; 'sutablest'? ? Did you mean 'stablest' aka Similar: firm solid steady secure fixed strong fast stout sturdy safe moored anchored stuck down immovable well built well constructed substantial Opposite: unstable rickety'?

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Belle Ringer 01 January 2024

Saw the word pizza in the title and was hungry. Got fed not with food but with wit and wisdom. An oldie but a goodie.

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Bri Edwards 11 January 2024

Thanks Belle Ringer! I hope it was filling. bri : )

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