A Wave Poem by Shelly Price

A Wave

Rating: 4.8

Sweeping down like a cold winter's storm,
your smile caught me unaware.
Like a great wave it cast me high upon its crest
to ride joyously, yet uncertainly,
towards a distant shore.

Bright sun shone high overhead casting no shadows,
and like a giddy child, I laughed long and hard
from deep inside.
Laughter heard easily over the roaring surf.

Letting go, I closed my eyes to hear the sea
and feel the sun.
As the rolling surf caressed me gently,
the curling waves carried me from the safety
of shallow water.

The point of no return had long since past.
No longer could I control my fate within the wave.
Opening my eyes at last, I saw the shore so near
and could only thank the vibrant force that had
allowed such joy.

Too soon the wave returned to the sea to begin again,
leaving me alone yet peaceful on the shore.
Unafraid to taste the salt and feel the sun on my face.
Unafraid to look at the mirror image the sea
cast back at me.
Unafraid to embrace the future.

Laurie Hill 12 April 2014

An excellent read. The voyage of emotions so aptly painted by your words.

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Gavin Shaw 26 August 2007

I think that your poem is as vivid and as lurid as a sunrise, it holds a wise clarity, I think that the sea is the perfect poetic piece, it hold such a love and music quality, and seems to inspire kinship beside herself. Being myself, I do not place poems on the internet anymore, but if you would like me to send you some poems or if you would like to send me some poems, please send me some.....native_rain@hotmail.com It is not everyday I find a new poet that I like or admire.

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Aldo Kraas 17 February 2007

This poem is excelent You did a god job Congratulations

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