A Slave Poem by Josey Alfred

A Slave

She snatched him from his mom’s love
With sweet deceit concealed in love
Like steel her grip with lavish love
Baffled he was a feeble slave.

She quickly paved the way to tame!
And keep him far from kit and kin,
So as to change his mental frame
Just to make him fit, for her gain.

His mom left them with bag in hand
She said good bye, in own her mind.
He stood forlorn just as a dog
Licking her feet taking her flogs.

Soon he felt despair and deep pain,
Yet bore his fate, despite disdain.
He cursed himself as much his luck
And drifted like a boat in wild brook.

And then she did next step unfair
To defiled his son in vanity flair.
And offered the child exclusive care
And blamed her man, a shameless bore

She took such care, of sweet their son,
That forced him, forsake father’s love.
The son, paid heed to all her puns!
And he grasped them with due resolve.

The child ignored his father’s love,
And paid full heed to her desires
His father in rage and in despair!
He took to drinks to embarrass his love.

She flared his despair and it zoomed!
He struck drinks and yet more drinks.
She forced him out from her bed room
He slept on floor with more hard drinks.

Her husband, father of her son
Had none to share his woe in world!
So he drank to drive out his gloom
And to swallow grief, he lived wild.

A day they found him in true bliss!
Found him on floor! No care, but bliss
Just for the world to bade him bye,
Good bye, proclaimed, the lifeless guy.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015
Topic(s) of this poem: death,despair,freedom,isolation,solitude,suicide
Loyd C Taylor Sr 16 April 2015

Hi Josey Quite an interesting story shaped into a poem. Sad and compelling. I enjoyed, Loyd

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Josey Alfred 04 April 2017

Sir Very often in life, we find the brides are seen to be too passive, they try to snatch away their men too far from their mother and all relatives, and try to keep their husband their exclusive property asif he is just a boon only for her, and none should any relations with him. In fact her mother Has tuned her to be utterly SELFISH. SORRY I AM LATE.to reply.

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Josey Alfred

Josey Alfred

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