A Sleepy Dog Poem by Milica Franchi De Luri

A Sleepy Dog

Rating: 5.0

It must be so good to be a sleepy dog
To sleep endless hours,
in a state of sleepy fog!
To be happy to lie in the dirt
or be asleep on top of my flowers.

It must be good to be you!
to have no worry, no sorrow, no despair
Your next meal is coming to you
and that is all you ask.
No fancy dishes prepared with great care
just some chicken, or a bone, not too bear
with some meat,
will satisfy your greed.

Sleep on little dog!
Your mind can't persive this worldly magic,
you know nothing of beauty and fashion,
of human desire, of lust, of passion,
of travel, money and possessions
those are humans obsessions.

Sleep on little dog!
Dream of dogs dreams.
Your life is not passing you by,
in dogs eyes, time does not fly.
You are not missing out!
No T.V to watch, no radio, no papers you need,
no books, no poems to write or read.

Politics and religion has not captured your attention,
the economy, the world in crisis,
the loss of jobs, the increase in prices
the global worming, the pollution-
for those human tragedies,
you don't need to find solution.

Sleep on little dog!
Your offspring are sleeping beside you,
they are not drinking beer and smoking dope,
have not met some gay and are planing to elope.
Their future is secure-
by being fine dogs, coming from a blood line pure.
No need for university degree,
just papers
to proof pedigree.

Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 27 June 2010

It stirred my grey cells…some such lulled psyche person still exists wonder i…you’ve humorously hammered and broken our slothful narcolepsy….indeed a very deep and contemplative poetry…at least for me… thanks for sharing… Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10 PS for MPL

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Maryam S 02 November 2009

much to illustrate that life is indeed so simple if we choose to make it simple

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Nalini Hebbar 25 October 2009

the dog must look at us as a foolish species...running after the very things that ruin our sleep for ever...regards

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Raj Arumugam 24 August 2009

a nice poem, Milica...gives the expression 'a dog's life' a new meaning...

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Rakesh Bedi 24 August 2009

A thought provoking poem, milica!

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