A Poem A Day - Keeps The Fuzzies Away** Poem by Milica Franchi De Luri

A Poem A Day - Keeps The Fuzzies Away**

Rating: 5.0

I sat down to write a poem
No particular topic;
just about anything at all
About me, you, them
About a tree or a rock
Maybe about that ticking clock
No subject good enough i could find
Only thing that's in my mind,
it's a word; A poem
No title, no form
No rhythm no rhyme
A poem for poem's sake
For no one to read
Nothing to no one to proof
Just to have my daily fix
With other poets to mingle and mix
Sadly i feel so badly..........
Some one it seems had given me lobotomy
Must have been while i wasn't looking
doing my daily chores; washing, cooking.........
Scooped out my brain
left it out in the rain
Now i have an empty head
My life is finished, what a dread

I might as well submit this write
since nothing else will happen tonight

Philip Winchester 01 October 2009

Milica, Sweetheart, Blessings to you and thank you for the kind comments 'For your Eyes Alone' See I wrote it for you in anticipation, though we have never met, except upon this Cyber Road. I love the verse of yours that I have just read now, I understand just where you`re coming from, I write each day another Poem until my brain is empty from all those 'Goings on' If you find time to read another of my ramblings. Then I would be a very happy Man. Kind Regards Philip

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Rakesh Bedi 30 September 2009

A moment has been captured by you beautifully, milica.......

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Raj Arumugam 17 September 2009

It may come as a surprise to you - but this poem, in spite of your unkind words about it, works well: there is a delightfully playful look at the creative process, about our daily 'fix' and the last lines come in brilliantly....A 10 in spite of your protestations....

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Stan Petrovich 03 December 2011

It is quite refreshing for a poet not to take herself too seriosuly. I lile that.

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Alfred Cawe 16 May 2010

Hey Milica you are amazing...I can see that you don't write for the sake of writing, something prompts you to write. Alfred South Africa

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From pin to plane…subject to object…any thing can be poem… …’since nothing else will happen tonight ‘ No no …happened sooooooooo many things to me…and you’ve made it happen…subtly …thanks for such a nice poem Milicia.. Voted 10 Ms. Nivedita UK

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Melancholy Man 05 November 2009

pretty good poem for one written only for 'poem's sake' if only I could do the same, but for me, its a poem a month if Im lucky that it comes

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Ramesh T A 19 October 2009

You have actually made out a poem! Keep on hearing the word Poem you will write a lot of poems soon, my friend!

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