A Song Of Her Garden Poem by Frank Bana

A Song Of Her Garden

Rating: 5.0

She builds her pleasant garden
Where the winds are not so strong
The sun sometimes relenting
Becomes her companion

The garden spreads its arms to her
Thick shoulders, fragile hands
The creepers and the vines that bear
Her flowers from many lands

There is shade upon her shadow
And a path of leaves and stones
That were inlaid imperceptibly
Through years of life alone

There's a trickle of river water
Breaking on a precipice
An ornately painted corner
Where she sees the light of bliss

Papaya trees and lemon trees
That the hurricanes forgot
The garden is her mirror
It reflects her, then does not

Wind chimes in the moonlight
Songbirds awake till dawn
She cultivates the seasons,
Leaves the garden to be born.

Diana Van Den Berg 03 August 2013

Poignant, wistful, beautiful.

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Tatianna Rei Moonshadow 31 October 2008

Absolutely sensational dear, I enjoyed this piece very much. I very much agree with Onelia that it reminds me of Britain. I love the low-key rhymes and the words you have put together in a unique way to make those rhymes. Thank you for sharing.

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Onelia Avelar 15 May 2008

A very romantic one - reminds me the unique British gardens. They are pieces of art, like this lvely poem.

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Joscephine Gomez 07 May 2007

Your garden entices. Your poem sounds like a tribute to the garden's source. Mysterious.

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