To Womankind Poem by Frank Bana

To Womankind

Womankind, please make up your mind!
You want a man true sensitive
A vulnerable romantic type
Open to his inner self and willing there to live

And yet - is it contrarily? - you need a man protective
To keep you safe, your children well secure
To chase away the other wolves
And memories from the door

I'm just one person - not quite two - enough perhaps
For what you want... but not for all your needs
So now what happens to the rest of me,
Inadequate, the wounded part that bleeds?

Lorene Kinsey 29 May 2008

A protector who is able and willing to be vulnerable, gentle, passionate. So beautiful, but in short, I think we all want it all, and even then we want more. What a kind way to express this frustration we all share, even those of us who make the rules.

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Original Unknown Girl 09 May 2007

Frank, I like the threads of this poem and empathise with you your problem. You are right and Dee probably mentions it that for some, sometimes nothing is ever enough. Us women are strange beings, we want that whole masculine protecting man-thing going on but we want you all to be sensitive too, and if you are too much of one and not enough of the other we're not happy! I guess it's an eternal dilemma for all, both sexes struggle to understand EXACTLY what they want but you convey your frustrations here most eloquently. Bravo! HG: -) xx

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Joe Breunig 17 August 2006

An interesting write; unfortunately people are in love with an impossible ideal of the opposite gender, thus ensuring a fated and eventual demise of most relationships.

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Dee Daffodil 15 May 2006 mean you can't be all things to all people? ? ? What's wrong with you man? ? (just kiddin...really and truly!) You can only do all that you can do...and for some...even that won't be enough. Hugs, Dee

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Anna Cellmer 30 December 2005

Yes sometimes we want too much from the one man we are with perhaps, great write by the way, best wishes

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