Come Closer To Me Poem by Frank Bana

Come Closer To Me

Rating: 4.4

Come closer to me, dearest love,
To secret homes where we belong
Let my embrace be all your world
Our whispers its most perfect song
Discovered as a woman, man
In unity by four hands bound
Joined in knowing timeless love
The silence of harmonious sound
Make me completed of your love
And I will bring to you my soul
Ecstatic of our myths and tales
The stories that our bodies tell
How profoundly do I find
The essence of your being now
Adoring all your womanhood
This man in me is offered up
To call across the spaces wide
Not to disturb the silent night
But yield to elemental love
The stillness that we reach tonight

I join with you beyond the hills
Your flashing smile is all I see
Where I kiss your desert eyes
And where your soul makes love to me.

Pia Andersson 21 August 2006

pure in mind and white sheets in the wind, , no doubts no fears just love -beautiful...Pia

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Linda Ori 02 August 2006

Gee, Frank you DO write a beautiful love poem! So picturesque and wonderful sentiment - what a lucky lady the recipient must be! Kudos! Linda

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Ruby Root 19 July 2006

Hi Frank, This is a really beautiful poem. I really loved it alot. It was a little sensual but not too much. Excellent poem. Take care.

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Jolanta Gradowicz 19 July 2006

It's very picturesque indeed. I read this poem with great interest.

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Frank, I haven't come across you before. I'm glad I did, as this is beautiful. Excellently penned. Picturesque. Romantic and personal. It might be just my currenrt mood, but I doubt it. A tribute, for sure.

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Terry Craddock 06 June 2015

Come closer to me, dearest love, To secret homes where we belong Let my embrace be all your world Our whispers its most perfect song I listened to then read this poem four times, it is a wonderful expression of love, a romantic love eternal in the beauty of sentiments and imagery used. I loved it Frank.

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Bill Galvin 06 June 2015

A wonderful expression of love, both physical and emotional.

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Anita Atina 25 January 2008

I was looking for a beautiful poem of love and I found it here Frank - why am I not surprised!

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Sarah Nae 26 November 2007

Wow! This poem is absolutely beautiful! Definately keep up the great writing! You are wonderful at it! !

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Joan Mills 18 October 2007

How beautiful... excellent!

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