A Song Of Sorrow Poem by Valsa George

A Song Of Sorrow

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She heard the sound of pigeons overhead
Looking up she saw them whirling and gyrating
Forming newly emerging patterns in the sky
They soared on and on
Until they became fading black dots in the blue

Such sights would have sent her to raptures
Sometime back......
But now when she sees them
She can only think of the years speeding by
And the chances missed
And her whole life- a fading black dot!

She is infected with a virus of melancholy
Pain consumes her without flame
She walks with lacerations in her soul
Forever she wages a battle inside
To drive out the demons of dejection
But she feels as if a sharp knife
Is cutting right through her heart
And she winces at every chop
Though she tries hard to cover her bruises
They bleed red and make themselves known

Pain has sucked her out
In a leaking vessel, she collects her tears
To water the parched terrain
Of her drought stricken domain
Light has sorely betrayed her
And now she lives in perpetual darkness
Fighting with black shadows
Day in and day out!

Sunday, November 27, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: sorrow
M Asim Nehal 27 November 2016

Pain has sucked her out In a leaking vessel, she collects her tears To water the parched terrain

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Madathil Rajendran Nair 05 December 2016

Liked the imagery. The pigeons fading as black dots in the blue sky (blue for sadness here!) and depressed one of the poem too becoming a black dot in the blue of her melancholia too. A very touching write. (10)

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Valsa George 05 December 2016

Thank you Rajendran ji for your lovely interpretation of the 'blue sky' and the 'black dot'..... It has given deeper dimension to my poem!

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Akhtar Jawad 28 November 2016

A very touching picture of sorrow, nicely painted by the poetess.

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Nosheen Irfan 30 November 2016

A very heart-touching depiction of melancholy. A woman afflicted with misery is painted with a deft use of images n vocabulary. Melancholy truly can sap our energy and kill our will to live. There are so many in the world who can perfectly relate to this state of mind. A great portrayal of a common malaise afflicting a considerable part of mankind. A10

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Robert Murray Smith 22 July 2018

The pain of depression is so well described in this poem. There is a reason why it is called the Black Dog. +++10

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narayana aghalaya 11 March 2018

'Light had sorely betrayed her and she lived in perpetual darkness., fighting with black shadows, day in and day out'. Your poem perfectly applies to one of the greatest persons I knew.

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Akhtar Jawad 27 January 2017

Valsa you wrote a great poem and you once again inspired me to write a poem on loneliness of the old age. Here is the poem I am going to submit at PH Striping Loneliness (By Akhtar Jawad) Like a nightmare when it came in my life, I felt it too much and cried with tears, Gradually it started striping in the dark, Killinging my worries and uncalled fears, Like an appealing and charming beloved, Loneliness when unveiled her smiling face, Spread silky hairs on my restless thoughts, I saw my soul enlighted with a grace, And when I looked in her starry eyes, In a pin drop silence heard heavenly rings, Being vanished in her magic arms, I found I can fly by using her wings, When I put my lips on her rosy cheeks, Saw myself walking on the Milkyway, I saw stairs of a blue color light, Putting a step on it I beame a ray, Loneliness hasn't striped completely, Still there are few who break the silence, I am waiting for the day when it's a nude, Loneliness! I love your ecstatic elegance, Travelling with a speed of light I fly, Where I go, do not know but sure, I'm destined to an enchanting place, Where there I'll become an allure. Sweetheart! Please leve me alone, Let me live with her in the total dark, Loneliness is shy it will not stripe, I'm still an explosive and you a spark!

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Anil Kumar Panda 10 December 2016

This is about what happens when depression strikes and one feels lonely and left out. One can feel the pain reading these lines. Beautiful poetry. Loved it.

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Jaishree Nair 07 December 2016

The virus of melancholy spreads its pain throughout the lines.Sometimes the cold fingers of dejection squeezes out the very essence of life forcing some to withdraw into their own shells.This depression syndrome is now becoming a common factor and many are languishing in its clutches.An extraordinary write ...

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