A Spirit Broken Loved By None Poem by Charles Chaim Wax

A Spirit Broken Loved By None

Rating: 5.0

Celene called at 8: 20
said she read my letters
and cried
said she was tired of the whole drug thing
just tired
but needed $20 now
and could I please give
her the money.
In the background
I heard Billy boy’s pimp voice
still I said, “OK,
I’ll give you the money
be down to Atlantic Avenue in an hour.”
Two minutes she called again
said she wanted to come here
and that if she took a taxi
would I pay for it.
So she came over
and had peed in her pants again
also shot dope
because as soon as
she flopped on the couch
she nodded off
awake asleep
this went on for eleven hours.
Finally asked me to give her
$10 extra for her mother
already gave her a $20.
It came out she had another
fight with her mother
about a new step father.
Celene said,
“Everything’s for him
I feel like an outsider.”
Then she began crying
I handed her a tissue
staring at her naked body
20 years old
but still a baby
soft and vulnerable
needing only a mother’s love
to flourish
not in this life
the love
long gone
if ever
felt at all.

kskdnj sajn 16 February 2006

No embrace can replace a mother's closeness...but one can feel the strength of an embrace during their life, and then gather dignity by giving that love to their own children...

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Jordan Antrim 20 December 2005

Different but thats the reason I like your work so much.. You always have that morale story or thing to think about in it.

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Joan Johnson 06 December 2005

i love it, it's very depressing-yet it has style. like i said, it's absolutely great.

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