Years Ago Poem by Charles Chaim Wax

Years Ago

Rating: 3.4

had a friend
good friend
for more than a decade
we talked of poetry
and how the love of a woman
cured the soul of many ills
though not all
as death still lurked
beyond even
the most passionate kiss
then I went Buddhist
told him of my discovery
and the peace of the man’s words
said I sounded
like one of those Sunday morning
that all I needed
to be the same was
more grease in my hair
and a tie.
Told him I was on the path
but didn’t need others
to join
if they didn’t want to
he laughed
finally telling me
to stop the bullshit
that I was just
a failed Talmudic student
on a jaunt through Eastern fantasy.
Two years I listened
every so often
confessing my heart
until I ended his chatter
with distance
that he never saw me.

Kelly Kurt 02 April 2015

A touching poem, Charles. Thanks for sharing

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Rufina Moor 18 March 2006

something we can relate to. very well written.

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Joseph Daly 12 December 2005

Moving indictment on how our world view can rip our inner world apart. The last view lines beg the question 'but who was right? ' I think that to leave things hanging in the air can be a good thing. It sort of treats the reader as a jury member. Great work Charles.

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Liz Munro 12 December 2005

Sometimes you do have to 'cut' these sort of people/friends/family out of your life. 10/10. Liz.

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