A Story Poem by Preetam Shetty

A Story

Rating: 4.9

This is a story of a boy
A small little chap
Born in a village
On India’s map
He started his journey
On his mother’s lap
Little did knew
It will be a confusing trap
It was all beautiful
In the starting lap
The songs of springs
And the monsoon’s tap
But then as he grew
Life started to unwrap
At the age of fourteen
There was no time for a nap
Continuing to be enlightened
With also work to swap
The heart kept craving
For a bat and jockstrap
Adding to the dilemma
Paternal health began to zap
Meeting the ends
Became a deathtrap
Waiting for the opportunity
To fill the gap
He wanted to live
He would never snap
After days and nights he saw his sunrise
Time had come to tighten the bootstrap
Efforts started to pay
He heard success clap
His pains were ailing
His wings started to flap
But then there stood destiny
Wanting to slap
His pa left him
Crying over the mishap
It was too much pain
For the small heart to enwrap
But for his mother he has to be stronger
He knows life doesn’t get into a recap
He promises to fight
Till his goals unwrap
The only day he will stop
Is the day his body wears the icecap

Elias Barcelona 25 May 2010

its a very beautiful piece. Very well written

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Andrew Bellon 25 May 2010

Tragic and poignant story told, truly. But prose chopped into dimeters/ trimeters and such and rigidly rhymed is not poetry as heightened language it is a poetry of form. This is fine, but, at least, punctuate such a style carefully. This will be counterpoint to the structural rigidity you impose and contribute a dramatic tension to the read. See Dylan Thomas' 'Poem in October' for this play of rigid stanzaic structure and punctuation. yrs, ab

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A lifes story. Truly heart felt. Loved the rhythym, Excellent!

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Vaughn Bekker 25 May 2010

nice poem, very good piece of work, well done: 0)

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LCPL Hawk 25 May 2010

its a great poem absolutly love it

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Anita Trivedi 07 June 2010

Beautifuly rhymed........... Sooooo beautifuly written........... Great job done

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majid Alsaady 30 May 2010

Depicting a normal third world offspring in a provoking rhyme is a difficult task yet you worked it out well.thanks for elaborating so simple

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Pradyumna Jyotir 30 May 2010

and on reading this I clap, clap, clap! ! ! ! :)))

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Deepthi Vincent 26 May 2010

Beautiful composition Preetam. liked the flow of verses. simple, yet evoking....

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Himmel Shertzer 26 May 2010

It's very good, I like the originality.

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