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Sridevi Datta, you are a poet with good weild over language and expression.As one goes through your poems, one feels the touch of classic surge and superseding beauty of diction.The themes, of course could be a little more extensive as a poet cannot afford to remain restricted.Wonderful future awaits you as a poet of all seasons.All the best.Last but not least..thank you for your comments on my poems.

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sridevi Datta Popularity

"It Was Wrong To Do This," Said The Angel

"It was wrong to do this," said the angel.
"You should live like a flower,
Holding malice like a puppy,
Waging war like a lambkin."

"Not so," quoth the man
Who had no fear of spirits;
"It is only wrong for angels
Who can live like the flowers,
Holding malice like the puppies,
Waging war like the lambkins."

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