A Call Poem by Preetam Shetty

A Call

Rating: 4.9

Come back oh divine father
There is a lot of collision
My brothers are dying here
Being killed in the name of religion

Today looking at your world
I know that you sigh
Mother earth is being burdened
With an eye for an eye

Your creation is being ruined
Man is forgetting to be noble
They fail to understand the teachings
Of Geeta, Kuran and Bible

They want to build your shrine
On the death beds of innocents
No mother is being spared
To wail over corpses of infants

They have enough to spend
To display arms and volatiles feat
Ignoring their neighborhood
Where a hungry child wants to eat

My faith is being torn
I cannot find my Krishna
There are blood stains all around
No earth to bow to Allah

Amrit Rathi 20 May 2010

What a nice poem evoking need for religious understanding and brotherhood. The sentiments portray real pain which the humanity is passing through as a result of fanatic, religious blindness as scant repsect for human sentiments like kindness and unity. Well done. Excellent. I rated 9/10. Thanks for sharing.

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mohsin amin khan 20 May 2010


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Gita Ashok 20 May 2010

You have highlihted the countless barbaric acts committed today the world over in the name of religion in a very poignant manner. Your message is loud and clear. I just pray that it reaches every nook and corner of our planet.

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Unwritten Soul 21 May 2010

I love the way u soak the words with humanity and religion... A good poem? no this poem is a great poem..Thanks for sharing Preetam... I agree, whoever we are here, if we back to the root we will taste the real of sweet life. Congrats, Thanks for sharing

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majid Alsaady 25 May 2010

A very loud call indeed, passionate and direct.thanks preetam.

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 01 July 2010

‘Sambavani Yoge Yoge [I’ll come time to time]…like a compassionate chant…today’s world needs most… thanks for sharing… Ms. Nivedita UK 10/10

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Lord Krishna has said that reformers come in due course.Muslems except Ahamadis and Christians believe the arrival of Jesus.Your cares well presented.

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Elena Sandu 01 June 2010

True and sad..In the name of who? .. Which? .. What? ..As long as there is no accept for others choise of believing in whatever they want to regardless of own belief we will always have such horrors..dont know why..we keep doing the same mistakes over and over again..

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Pradyumna Jyotir 30 May 2010

A timely poem Preetam.....You might want to read my 'extinct' which I will upload shortly.

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Andy Brown 28 May 2010

Gret great poem- God bless you Preetam Shetty.

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