Hello Mr. Terrorist Poem by Preetam Shetty

Hello Mr. Terrorist

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Hello Mr. Terrorist, how are you,
You don’t know me, to you I am new.
I am a child eight years old, living in dismay,
Right from the day, you took my daddy away.

My mom keeps crying, all day and night,
She doesn’t smile, I don’t like her plight.
When I am hungry, I ask for bread and honey,
But she just sobs, says there is no more money.

You know downstream, there lives a brat,
He always used to eye, my ball and my bat.
Yesterday he snatched both; he gave me a smack,
Nobody to save me, please give my daddy back.

Daddy used to get me chocolates, after work,
I’ll give them to you, I shall show no smirk.
I’ll give you El, my favorite teddy,
All I ask of you is, please give me my daddy.

I know you snatched him, In the name of your fight,
But I need my daddy, I am sure that is my right.
I plead before you, in the name of your own lad,
Also in the name of someone, whom you call your dad.

Michelle Al G 01 June 2010

WOW i really mean it wow it is amazing i see a real poet♥ god job :) it is offcially my 1 fav poem honestly! :)

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Kudakwashe Roak Mutama 01 June 2010

Wow! ! ! great poem with a very sensitive theme but that is what we stand for as poets, to be a voice of the voiceless and to confront things that pple find difficult to talk about. well expressed.. keep it up

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~**Lucky You **~ 01 June 2010

OMG! ! ! ! this is amazing! ! ! i love it! ! ! i never would have been able to write something like this as............... AMAZING as this! Great job! ! !

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Nazma Lucky 01 June 2010

Oh, , , , , God, , , , , , I'm overwhelmed.... Great, , , , , Great, , , , , , , Great, What a touchy poem it is! Pointing at a harsh aspect of today's world through eyes of a little boy's mind, , , , , ,

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Merna Ibrahim 02 June 2010

A very very touching poem.you expressed the feelings of a sad and a desperate boy in perfect way! ! Yes, the father is the mainstay of safety and tranquility in the person's life.. I hope all the Terrorists would disappear from our world and let children enjoy living with their families. a TEN indeed! ! Merna

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Salman Qureshi 20 September 2018

No Word to say! Literally tears on my eyes...Amazing Poem i have ever seen! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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Bahubali Bhalerao 03 August 2018

Very Nice! Really emotions of a child narrated Deeply!

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C N Prem Kumar 19 July 2010

Excellent poem. The subject matter is conveyed in a touchy way.

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Pranab K Chakraborty 11 June 2010

Beautiful Preetam. You have done it. So manly your approach and so softly you have hit the heartless heart-runners- really you have got the skill of appealing humanity in a lucid way. It may be, in course of time, this boy becomes another terrorist to revenge his parents death. May it be. Any way, you have again proved your social sense properly with your aesthatic ability in field of poetry. Thank you, write more.... 10+++ Apoet B

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Gregory Pierre-jerome 08 June 2010

please read simple love on my list and thanks.......you are indeed da best poet yet

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