A Sunset, Somewhere Poem by Seamus O' Brian

A Sunset, Somewhere

Rating: 5.0

Memories small and discretely dark
Drift across the horizon of my mind
Seabirds drifting across a tapestry
Of muted, breath-frosted fire smudged
across a passive horizon sliding
into a hungry sea, devouring fire,
engorging the azimuth of starry flame
without a wisp of steam, without
regard to the far driftwood shores
unseen but sunken beneath
the slick black gleam of a seabird's eyes.
The gulf between the sea
And the awakening stars
Swallows the light and then the thought
Of the gulls huddled and still, staring blankly
At seabirds still in flight.
The memory of what I once called home
Drifts silently across my mind,
Small and discretely dark.

Monday, November 21, 2016
Topic(s) of this poem: life
Inspired by author Ben Paynter's 'A Dawn, Somewhere'
Glen Kappy 04 March 2017

I like the envelope structure of this poem, how, between the opening and closing, I travel through rich imagery. I confess, however, that I am unable to picture all you describe, feeling unmoored from your thoguht until I return at the end. Glen

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Seamus O Brian 06 March 2017

Thanks, Glen! How very apropos to be unmoored in this particular poem. :) The initial conception was of memory images that sometimes drift across our consciousness, but because I was inspired by another poem that was about sunrise, the back drop of the drift became the sunset. And, suddenly, the floating memories became seabirds flying through my awareness, like the sunset. But even as the sunset cannot know to where the birds are bound, so does the conscious mind really know where memories are coming from, nor where they go once they cross the awareness horizon. Perhaps, like whatever lies beneath the shiny black gleam of a seagull's eyes, whatever dwells within a single memory guides it back to where it resides. And what does a gull think, when it sees other gulls still floating past? Can a dormant memory have any cognition of a neighbor memory that is suddenly activated, as if out of a trance? I cannot know, but enjoy the consideration. Thank you, Glen, for taking the time to mull it through, and for your gracious thoughts as always. Neal

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Nosheen Irfan 29 November 2016

Sunsets always arouse memories. A vivid description of a glorious sunset. Sunsets are most beautiful when the sun seems to drown into the sea. And the horizon is red. A wonderful use of rich vocabulary. A10.

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Seamus O Brian 29 November 2016

Thank you, dear Nosheen. I am pleased to share my sunset with my PH friends, and even more pleased that it may have recalled some fond memories for you. Thank you, as always, for your kind and gracious thoughts. Neal

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