The Gift Of Spring (Haiku) Poem by Seamus O' Brian

The Gift Of Spring (Haiku)

Rating: 5.0

slender green shoot
shoulders aside mass of snow
finds a breath of spring

a den of rock and ice
once alone a bear awakens
to nurse the gift of spring

a branch aloft sways
not pining autumn's leaves but
unfolding buds of spring

cardinal pauses
carries a twig; plans her nest
upon the boughs of spring

degree by degree
tilts the weight of the world
to share the gift of spring

Sunday, March 4, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: life,spring,winter
Kumarmani Mahakul 04 March 2018

Life perceives spring very beautifully. This poem has an amazing imagery within. Unfolding buds of spring is brilliant aspect. This poem is very interesting and excellently penned...10

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Seamus O Brian 05 March 2018

Thank you, good poet, for your kind words and thoughts. Acts of kindness often cost little, yet give much. I have observed that you are indeed generous with your kindness, sir, and for that I know you will be blessed.

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Bipasha D 04 March 2018

You have given us a beautiful Gift Of Spring. Images so soothing, wish I could rate it above 10. Going into my poem list.

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Glen Kappy 26 March 2018

Hey, Neal! This time I notice and appreciate, in the last stanza, tilts the weight of the world—phrasing scientific and lyrical combined. -Glen

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Nudershada Cabanes 09 March 2018

The beauty of spring shines through in this Spring Haiku. Vivid imagery painted so well that shows us life awakening to a new season after its hibernation.10

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Subhas Chandra Chakra 05 March 2018

degree by degree tilts the weight of the world to share the gift of spring It's a beautiful spring gift for us fro you too. Lovely poem, amazing. 10++++++ for the sharing.

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Rini Shibu 04 March 2018

Beautifully penned about the gift of spring Seamus

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Seamus O Brian 05 March 2018

Thank you, Rini! Always a pleasure to see your comments. Be blessed, good poet (ess) :)

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Bill Cantrell 04 March 2018

Semis my friend, you have made me finally like haiku, I would never have thought of layering it as you have....pure genius! ! ! It is Poets like you my friend that takes steps beyond the norm..establishing uniqueness! ! ! And the words flow in perfect harmony....I have looked at haiku as math until now, not anymore! ! Awesome! ! ! !

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Seamus O Brian 05 March 2018

Bill, I cannot tell you how glad I am to hear that my efforts at haiku have affected your opinion of them! I have actually looked upon them as a way of focusing my desire to write when I don't have the time to write a lengthier piece. I just force all my effort into 3 lines, and it seems very doable. Thank you so much for your gracious thoughts!

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