A Mother's Day Poem For You Poem by Loyd C Taylor Sr

A Mother's Day Poem For You

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A Mother's Day Poem for You
By Cayce Taylor Poulsen

Mothers do not like it
When their children are sad.
Mothers do not like it
When their children are bad.
Mothers do not like it
When their children are mad.
But, Mothers do like it
When their children are glad.

Dear Mom, I am so sorry
When I have been sad.
Dear Mom, I am so sorry
When I have been bad.
Dear Mom, I am so sorry
When I have been mad.
Dear Mom, I only want
To make you very glad.

Happy Mother's Day Mom from Cayce

Written by my Granddaughter Cayce Taylor
Her first poem.

© Cayce and Loyd C. Taylor, May 2008

Tuesday, May 6, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: honor,mom,mother daughter,mothers day
My grandchildren are very special to me and I love it when they enjoy my poetry and stories. I hope you enjoyed this one by my granddaughter Cayce. Thanks, Loyd
Jurietta Duraan 06 May 2008

Very sweet! ! ! ! good of you to post it... I try to nurture a love for poetry in my own children.. even if it is limited and they often surprise me! Yuri*

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Thad Wilk 06 May 2008

A nice poem you have written for your Mom Cayce! I'm sure she'll love it! ! ! Friend Thad Your Grand daughter is one talented girl L C! !

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C.R. Clark 09 May 2008

A wonderful poem, Miss Cayce. I know your mother will be pleased and proud. Maybe as proud as your grandpa. Thanks LC, I really enjoyed reading this one. Hope you have a nice weekend. Richard

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Marilyn Lott 17 May 2008

Looks like Cayce is following along in grandpa's footsteps. I have some sweet little poems my grand daughter has written as well. Hey, our birthdays are coming soon old buddy! Warm Wishes, Marilyn

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Mamta Agarwal 18 May 2008

a simple poem reflecting the way children think and feel.

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very sweet poem from a child's perspective.Thank you for sharing..

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Galina Italyanskaya 07 December 2014

Sweet girl!) I guess that at least her mom was glad to read such moving poem)

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Valsa George 09 September 2014

So your grand daughter has inherited your poetic flair......! Such a cute poem, so genuine and coming from the depth of her heart! She deserves to be applauded!

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Kaila George 26 May 2014

I love this, reminds me of Mum, she is very talented sir, and question, how do you put a video into your writes...have been on here for years had no idea you could.

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Bri Edwards 16 May 2014

a great poem. if i were a mother i would enjoy receiving it. only i wonder if Cayce meant to put the extra letter at the end of the line: When I have been mad.w thanks for sharing. bri :)

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