A Walk In The Rain (1) Poem by Dr Kamran Haider Bukhari

A Walk In The Rain (1)

Rating: 5.0

cell phone ringing
I thought its church’s bell
o’ I am already late
got to meet the hope of the nation
it was the darkest dawn of this summer
so far
raining like it would be hell soon
I was driving by the canal
and saw an angel walking in the rain
just a glimpse
and it transformed in to a body of flesh
just a lustful inspiration
collaboration of the sex hormones
a body burnt in the rain
a body thirsty in the rain

cell phone ringing again
o’ hope of the nation
what do you want?
this time I had to take this call
but I couldn’t
and kept the hope on waiting
I stopped the car
close to her muddy sneakers
where are you going?
may I dropp you somewhere?
she said politely
I love walking in the rain
disappointed for a second
responded shamelessly
can I walk beside you?
holding your left hand in my right one
she said nothing
I took it a yes
parked the car
switched off the cell phone
and started walking with her

To be continued…

Anjali Sinha 03 October 2009

yeh me too waiting patiently---

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Catrina Heart 02 October 2009

waiting for the continuation!

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Indira Babbellapati 02 October 2009

that's some adventure...did it continue?

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