Hanging Stethoscope Poem by Dr Kamran Haider Bukhari

Hanging Stethoscope

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Stethoscope always hanging
Around the handle-lock
Of a rusty-broken cupboard

I have been coming to this place
For an year now
But it always remains here
Moving like a pendulum
Simulating the intrusive thoughts
Of my so called sick mind

My doctor never wears it
Around his neck
I would keep on thinking about it
For hours when I leave this place
This thought would keep coming back
Without any prior appointment
In my sleep and in my wakeful hours
I couldn’t stop
This pendulum
I did replace the old wall clock
In my candlelit room
With a new and a silent one
Still that hanging movement
Tickles day and night in my brain
Like my brain is that rusty-broken cupboard
And my thoughts are nothing
But a useless stethoscope
Doing nothing
Just teasing my otherwise silent soul
With a raw-tickling sound
As it strikes the rust of painted iron
Under the influence
Of the forceful blows
By the always high-ceiling fan
Which behaves like an unknown higher power
To that poor and helpless stethoscope

I thought
It would be my last visit
To this shrink
Stethoscope still hanging
The moment
I entered Doctor’s office
In pre-meditated despair
I was shocked
With a paradoxical ecstasy
The same navy-blue stethoscope
Was not hanging on the cupboard
But around my handsome doctor’s neck
Today for the very first time
I could see stethoscope
Shining and enchanting
Smiling in tears
Laughing in pain
My doctor looked at me
With concern and care
“Why are you tearful? ”
I could only utter
“God bless you”

At night
Before going to bed
I thought
Of all my past aches and miseries

It was a burning hope for wellness
And it were the tender hands
Of many healers and empathic thinkers
Which kept me alive
In the frozen moments of artificial death
Which kept me moving
In the woods of treacherous land
Which kept me sane
In the spans of disillusioned insanity

I can still see
Stethoscopes hanging
Around the supple necks of
Young children
Of the secured Humanity

Oct 24,2008

Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 25 October 2008

Stethoscope symbolises the basic of life existence...........the pulses, heart beats and your vital respiratory condition.You've suceeded in dragging the reader into the atmosphere you're familiar with and to share your joyous and agonising moments through out your pandemic phobia of becoming the one with the 'hanging stethoscope'.Live life to the fullest they say and your writes is so lively my bro Kamran! keep up the excellent work my forever brother Kamran Haider! Best Wishes, Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

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Anjali Sinha 25 October 2008

Hey Kamran, the thought of the pendulum and the hanging Steth- frightens me yes it does coz u a Psychiatrist; Brings me thoughts of an old movie something -- cuckoo. When I see movies of sick human minds I wish to hide my face under my pillow.- makes me cry. Whatever a great concentrated write- a pretty long one. A+ and 10+ regards anju (do read mine OUR TALK) pointblank and simple

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Onelia Avelar 25 October 2008

What a simple remedy! Whole the nervous pending, hanging, suffering vanish in a single moment (after a year of pain!) when simple gestures of humanity by a doctor have been shown. The stethoscope is no more meaningless hanging on a rusty-broken cupboard - it hangs on the doctor's neck, you just put the things in their proper places. You have a talent to supercharge the atmosphere and then when the reader is tense, to set him/her at ease :) Superb work here, Kamran!

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Manonton Dalan 02 November 2008

of course my dear theres nothing wrong with your heart you're in shrink room lol. very nice one though.thanks md.

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Linda Ori 02 November 2008

If the 'shrink' is the owner of the stethoscope in question, that might explain why it is never in use. Interesting scenerio here, which does imply that we can get so caught up in the same old routine to the point that it makes us crazy. Nicely done, Kamran. Linda

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Sarwar Chowdhury 27 October 2008

Ammmmazing composition Kamran! astonishing flow and thought provoking ++++10

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Aijaz Asif 27 October 2008

quite long and very well expressed write indeed...bro we do think sometimes in that way if we always see the anything or routine in same way without change but become soothened and happy if it changes a bit...may be i got wrong idea about this poem.....thanks for sarin 10++

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Ashraful Musaddeq 27 October 2008

'Like my brain is that rusty-broken cupboard And my thoughts are nothing But a useless stethoscope Doing nothing Just teasing my otherwise silent soul' A beautiful poem is written. 10 with love.

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