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It is my true mind,
And untainted heart talking;
I never do Poetry,
I just put my heart on paper…

“I can not teach anybody anything; I can only make them think.”

I have never claimed that I am a poet. I am just a thinker and I believe; anyone who can think and can make others think; can do poetry. Anyone who can hear the cuckoo’s song, and can sing the unheard melodies; can do poetry. Anyone who can feel the pain of loss, and knows the ecstasy of love; can do poetry. Poetry can’t be learned or taught, unless it is running in our veins.

I have never tried to follow any rules; I do poetry as it comes to me. I believe; and can feel the presence of some Higher Power, while writing my mind, heart and soul on paper. Sometimes I lose my rhythm, and then I re ...

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Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 26 October 2008

I've read some of your works like' To my motherland, Little death and Hanging stethoscope', I can conclude that your free verse contemporary works are workin well with your knowledgable and highly educated mind. It's not easy to get your reader feels what you have intent to convey in your works but I, as a poet myself could simply satisfied and just say 'wow.......what an awesome piece you have got here'.Brilliant writes Kamran and keep on moving forward with your golden pen! ! ! Best Wishes. World Poet, Sulaiman Mohd Yusof

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Blue Horizon 10 October 2008

well. just read the poem To My Motherland... it was beautiful and i felt like crying cz being here thousands of miles away from my homeland... and...well....it's beautiful compilation of thoughts in terms of words

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The Best Poem Of Dr Kamran Haider Bukhari


Fallen leaves have been crushed
Dried and amalgamated
With the dust
Of barren soils

Sunken hearts have been stripped
Cracked and defeated
With the lust
Of alluring beauties

Shrunken minds have been putrefied
Abandoned and replaced
With the bust
Of convulsive impulses

This November
The faith has to be revolutionized
The fate must be renovated
The fallen got to be resurrected
From the mist of dusky dawns

This November
The heart aches for more blood
The mind craves for more thought
The soul begs for more piety
And a human cries for lost identity

The month of my fall
From divinity to humanity
Would be the month of my rise
From humanity to divinity

Nov 03,2008

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Dr Kamran Haider Bukhari Popularity

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