A War For What Poem by John Mccudden

A War For What

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why do they send the bombs?
why do they send the pain?
why do they send the misery?
what do they have to gain?

govermments with money to spend
countries to conquer in their name
selling death they can explain
why o why do they let the bombs rain

damn war there, s no thrill
people left to pay the bill
to pay with life and pain
its a war they cant explain
in this damn war there is no gain

mothers ask why? children cry
damn bombs keep falling from the sky
genarals say your son fought well
a hero on the day he fell
tell the children tell his wife
he was a hero up for the fight

now the bombing stopped and the guns are silent
why O why is this war so violent

the people have to pay the price
fatherless children widowed wife
parents who, s sons gave their life, s

the old man thinks he understands
its all part of a bigger plan
tell it to the children tell it to the wife
tell it to the parents
tell them the cost of life

Kaitlyns Mummy 13 January 2009

i really like this poem...very current....Very true!

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Nikia Chesney 12 January 2009

I like this piece. Easy flow. A sad topic true. The leaders might hold their claim of necessity, but is it their blood they're spilling? Their sons and daughters, Fathers and mother, Brothers and sisters?

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