A Well Spent Day Poem by sreelekha premjit

A Well Spent Day

Rating: 5.0

i have had my due
of poets and poetry
that maddening addictive
occupying the space of my mind

i have learnt a few things
unlearnt a few others
travelled through minds' spaces
sipped the delights

i have had a wonderful time
at desk today
my day is fruitful
coz i met so many a learned soul

this day then as i move
i bow in honour to you
those who turn to the pen
to tell the world what they think.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008
Topic(s) of this poem: poets

A maddening addictive.... bang on! t x

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C.R. Clark 04 March 2008

Yes, poetry is addictive. What better way to express ones thoughts? Thanks, a very good write. Richard

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Vidyadhar ... 04 March 2008

yeah creative addiction.........

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K. V. Venkataramana 05 March 2008

Your fond love and admiration for poetry is palpable. Congrats! Venkataramana

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Coreena Dejesus 08 March 2008

Very creative tip my hat to you increadible piece!

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Valsa George 14 March 2014

Your rambling into the territory of poets is beautifully described..... only a person with a poetic bent of mind can see such an effort as a profitable venture..... others will see it as a useless misadventure! Inspired write, Sreelekha! !

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Sadiqullah Khan 10 February 2009

Soothing Sreelekha......................10

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Samanyan Lakshminarayanan 14 January 2009

sharing such l; ovely thoughts does make the day a well spent day with a lot of earning...10

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Remya Sasindran 05 January 2009

i then bow in honor to you :)

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Empress Ina Spirit Mavuso 16 October 2008

HI I've been through poems and they beautiful I say but I like this one as it is peace and happy to be who are and to have this great gift that we were given.

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