A Wilderness Without You Poem by Sonny Rainshine

A Wilderness Without You

Rating: 5.0

Particles of our last conversation
fuse with the droplets of mist,
and the last word you said, goodbye,
hovers below the lush hemlocks,
then descends to the needled forest floor
alighting like a toy parachute.

What remains is the primitive splendor
a wilderness affords, of places shielded
from “development” and man’s fixation
with houses and office space
from materials once round, now cubed
and planed. Sand and wood transmogrified.

The quieting balm of running water
and the whisper of wind through the spruce trees
was always enough to salve my bruised soul,
the chafed cicatrix of every day living.
But now, that curative essence is diminished,
the empty space right next to me
that once held your form and your laughter
seems colder than before, less real.

It was always you and nature,
nature and you, for so many years.
I see a long, long season ahead
in which I must become acquainted
with nature and loneliness,
loneliness and nature
and a million other wildernesses.

Ambika Basnett 10 July 2018

Really interesting n good .

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Rachel Butler 22 September 2009

I see a long, long season ahead in which I must become acquainted with nature and loneliness, Rachel Ann Butler

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Iman Djalloul 20 July 2009

I absolutely loved this. Your words painted a very vivid picture in my mind. The sense of a twisted reality left behind after we lose someone or something dear to us. Very well written. Iespecially love the fact that you ended with nature. Nature keeps me sane!

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Octavia Price 12 June 2008

This is just so beautifully crafted. The sense of loss you have invoked is very powerful. I love it.

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C.R. Clark 02 May 2008

Oh, I do like this poem. I love anything about nature and wilderness. I do sense a feeling of great loss in your words, but time spent in wilderness/nature is a great healing balm to salve the bruised soul. An excellent read. Thank you.......10...Best wishes Richard

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