Art Forgery Poem by Sonny Rainshine

Art Forgery

Rating: 5.0

In what she referred to as Reverse Art,
she decided to re-create
Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers”
in an arrangement of real blooms
on the kitchen table.
Afterwards she would photograph
and then paint what she saw.

She succeeded admirably
in getting every stem
in exactly the right angle,
every blossom in the perfect pose,
removing petals,
bending stems,
artificially wilting some of the buds
with a heat gun.

She had a ceramics expert
mold and paint
a precise replica
of the two-toned vase.

On completion,
she stepped back
and declared her “painting”
authentic, but a failure.

What was absent
was the startling sunlight of Provence
and the flowers' response to it,
which was the painter's response to it.
These flowers droop and bow
with the punishing weight
but cannot wholly absorb
the exquisite passion,
the contorted brush-strokes
of indescribable anguish.

Aisha Sherazi 20 June 2006

A very interesting piece, what is a task without passion and purpose? Peace, Aisha

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***** ********* 20 June 2006

This is so uncanny Sonny! My stumack is doing summersaults. I have just written a poem on this same subject after discussing my late husbands art with member on this site! Wow! I love your poem in every masterful brushstroke detail, you are so right on the button. Gonna press it again! Grinning at you, Tai

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BEAU GOLDEN 29 June 2006

the contorted brush strokes of indescribable anguish! Outstanding.

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Brian Dorn 24 June 2006

Sonny, sincere passion and anguish are difficult to capture by either paint or poem, but you've certainly captured the essence of trying... well done! ! Brian

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Nalini Hebbar 23 June 2006

very nice sonny...was nice to read...interesting theme

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Gina Onyemaechi 21 June 2006

A beautiful painting of a poem. Regards, Gina.

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Duncan Wyllie 20 June 2006

I don't know how to discribe this feeling, only to say that you have such a fine talent, Love Duncan X

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