After The Rain Poem by Sonny Rainshine

After The Rain

Rating: 5.0

One Chinese lantern,
forgotten when the lawn party
was spoiled by a summer downpour,
waves in the drizzly wind
from a nylon string.
Something sad in the air
comingles with the fragrance
of yellow jasmine, yes
yellow jasmine.

Sandra Erickson 16 April 2006

Water colors the scent of ennui sways wet on the jasmine wind; And longing is, indeed, yellow.... Simply beautiful. Sandra

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Alex Nodopaka 28 April 2006

Your poem makes me yellow with envy though may i suggest to replace single with lone

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Dee Daffodil 04 May 2006

I don't believe I've ever smelled jasmine...but this poem makes me want to do so. Lovely poem. I can actually see that poor lantern hanging limply, soggy from the rain... Hugs, Dee

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joey oo 07 May 2006

You have painted a beautiful picture, and I can smell the Jasmine... Joey

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Anjali Sinha 10 May 2009

hmmmmmmm jasmine my favourite I can smell it too lovely poem -10 anjali

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Chitra - 14 October 2008

sweetness personified!

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~ Jon London ~ 11 May 2008

Lovely written piece, the sweetness of this poem lingers, I 'll keep coming back to your flowing brilliance. Thanks for clearing the air best wishes Jon.

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Emancipation Planz 26 October 2007

I like this too... the scent is has been strongly accentuated lasting even after the poem has finished.. one Peace at a time, Deana

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BEAU GOLDEN 29 June 2006

I like this. I like your work. Excellent name choice. May it outlive you.

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