(aaa) Home At Last Poem by Edwin Alba Empestan

(aaa) Home At Last

Rating: 2.9

Thousand of miles, seven seas away from you
Lies my aching heart astray longing for home
Dreaming to be a huge bird to spread its wings
Freely into the oblivion of the infinite blue skies

A sea creature swiftly and gently traverse the vast seas
To reach you at your great distance where love is
Tormented heart at night drifting into my dreams
Wondering why the sojourn takes too long to end

In the blue horizon seen the gigantic white ship a sail
Wondering if I am one of the passengers sailing ahoy
To the voyage of destination where you are there waiting
Yearning and longing the missed days sans love and warmth

Far yonder up the sky a shiny silver plane swiftly past the time
Hoping again to take the majestic great flight to bring me to you
But dream oh yes all I can afford is only to dream of you now
For I am like a bird cage in this big wide and turbulence world

Almost a decade of hopes and dreams lies the big question
How such an adventure and long travelled quest would end
Sure there is still your warmth caress, your soft kisses and all
As I was awaken that I was dreaming and I was home at last

Ashraful Musaddeq 18 October 2008

Nice poem with wonderful imagery. 10 for it.

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