About Those Whom I Do Not Know Poem by Ravi Kopra

About Those Whom I Do Not Know

I go to bed very late at night
Sometime it is not till early morning
I walk around on the wooden floor at night
That makes soft step sounds on the floor
Down on the first floor, he hears this lullaby
That makes him sleep fast and see his dreams

I do not know his beliefs, fears, darkness
Or what he is striving for in his life
But when I hear him cough, gasping for air
I feel as if my whole body shivers in fear
And when he goes silent, I stop walking
And try to listen if he's still breathing or dead already.

We cannot stop certain things from happening -
Thoughts, words, phrases, lines
Moments of laughter, anger, joys, miseries.
When we try to ge to know strangers
We get closer to those whom we already know
Feel comfort in their company.
And knowing them a little better
We wish them peace and love in life.

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