You And I (A Ghazal Of Rumi) Poem by Ravi Kopra

You And I (A Ghazal Of Rumi)

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Joyous, blissful moment, sitting on the porch, you and I
two forms, two faces, yet one soul together, you and I

The groves' gift, the birds' songs give us the water of ever
lasting life, when we come to the garden together, you and I

The stars of the night sky witness us
we show them the moon together, you and I

You and I united as one in ecstasy and delight
cast aside absurd stories and nonsense, you and I

The parrots of the sky eat sugar when we are
in the veranda, laughing together, you and I

How amazing are we here this moment in this corner
yet we are also together in Irâq and Khorâsân, you and I

We are in one form on the earth and in another in the
everlasting land of honey - the paradise, you and I

Saturday, January 13, 2007
Topic(s) of this poem: love,rumi
Note: This translation is based on the following literal translation by Ibrahim Gamard and Ravan Farhadi at

http www dot dar-al-masnavi dot org/gh-2214 dot html

That moment (is) joyous and blessed when we are sitting
(together) in the veranda, you and I; with two forms and faces,
(yet) with one soul, you and I.

The gifts of the orchard and the speech of the birds will offer (us)
the Water of (Eternal) Life (at) the moment when we come into
the garden, you and I.

The stars of the (night) sky will come as our observers, (and) we
will reveal the moon itself to them, you and I.

You and I, devoid of 'you' and 'I' due to extreme joy and
delight, will be united (in friendship) : (we will be) happy and
without concern about absurd stories and distracting nonsense
you and I.

All the parrots of the sky will be (happily) chewing sugar in a
place where we will laugh in such a way, you and I.

This is (even) more astonishing: that you and I (are) in one corner
here, (yet) in this moment we are both in `Irâq and Khorâsân, you
and I.

(We have) one form on this earth and another form on that
(world) in everlasting Paradise and the (Home) Land of Sugar,
You and I.


The original in Persian:

khonok ân dam ke neshîn-êm dar aywân man-o tô
ba-dô naqsh-o ba-dô Sûrat ba-yakî jân man-o tô

dâd-é bâgh-o dam-é morgh-ân be-deh-ad âb-é Hayât
ân zamânê ke dar-ây-êm ba-bostân man-o tô

akhtar-ân-é falak ây-and ba-naZZâra-ye mâ
mah-é khwad-râ be-nomây-êm ba-d-êshân man-o tô

man-o tô bê-man-o tô jam` shaw-êm az sar-é Zawq
khwash-o fâregh ze khurâfât-é parêshân man-o tô

tôTiy-ân-é falakê jumla shakar-khwâr shaw-and
dar maqâmê ke be-khand-êm ba-d-ân-sân man-o tô

în `ajab-tar ke man-o tô ba-yakê konj în-jâ
ham dar-în dam ba-`irâq-êm-o khorâsân man-o tô

yakê naqsh bar-în khâk-o bar-ân naqsh-é degar
dar behesht-é abadî-wo shakar-estân man-o tô

Tranquil Ocean 13 January 2007

I am always left speechless reading Rumi....this is another great one which I hadn't read.Thanks for sharing... There is a beautiful one that I had posted.Its in page 4 of my poems- Rumi-Xmas Gift to PH. An ardent Rumi admirer.

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Sathyanarayana M V S 16 October 2017

Very very very beautiful poetry. Real romanticism.

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Richard Wlodarski 23 April 2023

As a fan of Rumi, I am impressed by this excellent translation. It further solidifies in my mind how truly great he really was. Thank You for your labour of love, Ravi.

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Beautiful poem. Excellent translation. Loved this Ghazal of Rumi.....10 Ravi ji, thank you so much for translating some of my poems into Hindi. They are brilliant.

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Jagdish Singh Ramána 03 May 2020

Such a beautiful translation: the words have come from the very HONEYLAND, SHAKARISTĀN. " yakê naqsh bar-în khâk-o bar-ân naqsh-é degar dar behesht-é abadî-wo shakar-estân man-o tô" A beautiful translation of the Ghazal of Maulana Rumi(Ra) !

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Denis Mair 23 May 2018

In your version the words flow spontaneously from the heart's reservoir.

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Dr Antony Theodore 15 November 2017

You and I united as one in the ecstasy and delight cast aside absurd stories and nonsense, you and I... engaging oneself in reading Rumi is great....all poets should read him and understand his insights with a critical mind...... thank you dear poet. tony

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