Absence Poem by Paul Hansford


Rating: 3.3

Just as when looking into the sun
I am dazzled by pure light,
which is invisible,
and I only see what is lit
by the paler reflections of its rays;
or when my mind,
refusing to hear a perfect silence,
creates its own thundering echo of that silence,
so that I may more nearly understand
the incomprehensible;
your absence also is absolute, and leaves
a void in me I cannot come to terms with
until it is filled by a memory.

Sonya Florentino 28 July 2009

your presence and absence are one and the same, incomprehensible, immeasurable...somehow this poem reminded me of my favorite song.. 'how deep is the ocean (how high is the sky) '

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a touching poem well said..10++++

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Hum Riyaz™ 26 May 2009

Man, this poem rocks.. itx really touching... i love it =] love, Emo

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Paige S 30 April 2010

These lines are lovely! Very strong and meaningful, and yet also very tender.10+ from me, Paul!

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Nivedita Bagchi SPC UK 27 November 2009

‘…Absence is the greatest presence thro’ ‘memory molecules’..’ Nice anticlimaxes Sir.. Ten ++ niv

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Obinna Eruchie 02 October 2009

Beautiful and touching lines.

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Susan Jarvis 29 September 2009

Absence, as viewed from the remarkable angle of an accomplished poet's eye. The closing three lines are simply stunning. S :)

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Buscador Del Palabra 02 September 2009

Light invisible... but dazzling... Silence... pounding.... She... remembered... I would have never put these thoughts together. It's really stunning. Mike

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