Absentee Landlords Poem by Cretan Maineiac

Absentee Landlords

Rating: 3.9

The General's report on the
surge takes
a back seat to Britney's

mother-of-two paunch and lip-synch
malfunction, on
the alphabet channels, slick diversion from

crumbling drywall, cracked windows, un-
locked doors &
even the fire escape's broken. Who's

minding the House &
Senate? The
critiques were written ahead of the

facts, general and mother harpooned, each loath to
blame our
duly elected scapegoat-in-chief in our rose garden. We

absentee landlords,
housed in
denial- 'there

oughta' be a
Law' & 'since
when? -'

fashionably ignorant plebes pleased to know
the shadows wild weeds of neglect will throw.

Cheryl Lynn Moyer-peele 09 November 2008

Chris - Good morning! Landlords and humans do seem to neglect their duties, if they feel no one is watching. We just passed landlord/tenant laws in Alabama for the first time last year. Before that, there was no requirement that a rental property have running water, and even roofs were optional. However, eviction was always within ten days if a rental payment was missed. Even now we have the worst record in America for taxing the poor. At least we poets lament and shine some light. Cheryl

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Alicia Patti 04 May 2008

A graphic and moving description of our culture today. I especially like the way you worked in the political angle. Your ending is genius itself with the metaphor of wild weeds of neglect throwing a knock-out punch. Would like to point out a grammatical error: 'Whose' should be 'who is' or its contraction. Otherwise a well-rendered piece. Good work, Chris! best, alicia

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Blue angel Florida 18 September 2007

'Absentee Landlords' giving power to the Media, watching from a couch humans lives to judge, instead of living, ours to mud. Thanks for sharing.

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Alison Cassidy 12 September 2007

With the click, click, click of the remote you show the reader how a supersaturation of information (without knowledge) is the norm in our indulgent, twenty first century. A meaty poem that combines cynicism and creativity. Great piece. love, Allie xxxx

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Goldy Locks 11 September 2007

Smart piece, Chris. Lots to take in/think about. Good to see you! best care, sjg

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