Adam Poem by Federico García Lorca


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A tree of blood soaks the morning
where the newborn woman groans.
Her voice leaves glass in the wound
and on the panes, a diagram of bone.

The coming light establishes and wins
white limits of a fable that forgets
the tumult of veins in flight
toward the dim cool of the apple.

Adam dreams in the fever of the clay
of a child who comes galloping
through the double pulse of his cheek.

But a dark other Adam is dreaming
a neuter moon of seedless stone
where the child of light will burn.

Gina Layog 25 October 2010

Adam's bone... where Eve began and was formed... She was made for him and him for her.... The apple made Him choose her... Exiled, outcast...against the world.... She bore him a child.... Pained, to pay for the bone, a rebirth.... a hope that this child... would one day pay for their error.....

12 6 Reply 24 March 2018

ADAM Un arbre de sang arrose le matin par où gémit la récemment enfantée. Sa voix laisse des cristaux dans la blessure et un graphique d'os dans la fenêtre. Tandis que la lumière vient fixe et gagne de blancs objectifs de fables oubliéese le tumulte des veines dans la fuite Vers la trouble fraîcheurd'une pomme Adam rêve dans la fièvre de l' argile un enfant qui s' approche en galopant Lune neutre de pierre sans graine Où l' enfant de lumière ira se brûler.

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Mahtab Bangalee 04 February 2019

neuter moon of seedless stone- amazing phrase; its the poetic greatness

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Douglas Scotney 04 February 2019

surrealism goes right back to the start

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Sandra Feldman 04 February 2019

A very unique description of Adam! Lorca's poetry has amazing imagery and metaphors, surrealistically reaching out of the usual.Surprising beauty that goes far beyond the norm. He is by far, the greatest Spanish poet of the 20th century and in my candid opinion, one of the best, it not the finest Poet and Playwright, Spain ever had. You might enjoy his Romancero Gitano where his native, Andalucia plays a deep and poignant part, a true and unforgettable taste of Spanish poetic art.

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Edward Kofi Louis 04 February 2019

Of the Apple! ! ! ! ! Thanks for sharing this poem with us.

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But a dark other Adam is dreaming a neuter moon of seedless stone where the child of light will burn Good poem

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Dr Antony Theodore 04 February 2019

a very fine poem. loved to read it. tony

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