Aditi In A Dream At Wollongong (A Poem For My Daughter) Poem by Sunil Uniyal

Aditi In A Dream At Wollongong (A Poem For My Daughter)

Rating: 3.0

That evening jogging on the beach with my friends
miles and miles away from home i was alone
the sea was rolling and unrolling its carpet of blue and grey
with what was a milk-border of foam
rolling and unrolling it endlessly or so it seemed

a score of seagulls on the shore flapped their wings
starchwhite some picking morsels from the sand
jogging on the beach that evening miles and miles
away from home i ran into a dream

a little challenged girl in knickers and sportshirt
was carried by the waves to the shore
and as she stepped on the beach i held her hand
she walked with me her puny feet at every step
battling with the sand her head swayed sideward
with the breeze.

she clapped her hands now and then and broke
into an incoherent song seemingly happy walking the beach
i was happy too holding her hand that evening
jogging on the beach till the shout of friends behind
woke me up

alone in my room that night i felt disturbed
sleep was long in coming... waking up at morn
i learnt my TV had been on whole night!

Sandra Fowler 12 August 2008

Your mind has painted a fine dreamscape. I like your starched white seagulls and your gray blue sea. Lovely work. Warm regards, Sandra

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Subbaraman N V 06 March 2008

A great write! Very pleasing to read! Thanks for sharing!

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Fred Babbin 24 December 2007

I have had dreams like that.

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Sunil Uniyal

Sunil Uniyal

Lucknow / India
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