All The Love I Have Ever Known Poem by Linda Marie Van Tassell

All The Love I Have Ever Known

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All the love I have ever known
is the love that I gave to you,
a fruitless seed that I have sown
from which no blossoms ever grew.

I loved you deeper than the night
and loved you brighter than the day.
I was the string; you were the kite.
I fell as you were blown away.

A cold rain splashed upon the ground.
I drowned in pools of endless woe.
You had love that was not unfound!
Love was something you could not show.

I planted all my dreams midair.
I found heaven inside of you,
but love and life are most unfair.
A happy ending will not do.

The branches fall; the willows weep.
A teardrop falls upon the moon.
I think of you before I sleep
and pray the morning finds me soon.

All the love I have ever known
is no more I am sad to say.
My heart has hardened into stone,
and I no longer love that way.

All The Love I Have Ever Known
Denis Mair 25 May 2023

Wow, I feel like I walked into a gothic imaginarium. The stormy gale seizes a helpless innocent dream. It is spooky and sad. I feel a frisson at the thought of exploring the dark world of such poems.

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Terence Craddock 25 May 2023

this is bitter sweet sorrow sung from an agony of aloneness loss in a seed that never germinated a balloon string cut a seed in time withered hardened into a heart of stone

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Sandra Feldman 19 May 2023

Few love poem are this lovely, enthralling and sincere. A poem to be remembered and praised, for its depth, feelings and beauty, so sincere.

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