African Brother Poem by James B. Earley

African Brother

Rating: 3.1

Who was the villain
When it all began
Some fair-haired stranger
From a faraway land

Or the African brother
Selling his neighbor away
In exchange of whatever
The fair-haired stranger would pay

For the brutal betrayal
Of his own damned kin
Has anything changed
Since the original sin

Who was the villain
........When it all...began

Dorothy- A. Holmes 07 July 2008

Mr. Earley, Great eye opener for some, a reality for others, enslaved by poverty, fear, drugs, illiteracy, etc.10 from me. Dorothy

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Lance Taylor 31 July 2008

This poem should make us All think. It is human nature to be villainous but until one knows this is when we can light up the darkness.

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Dawn Rodgers 03 August 2008

wow you really touched the heart of the matter and spoke the truth. I love this poem even though it is very sad.

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Tess Rockenstire 16 August 2008

Slavery began even before christ. Read the biblical history...even the Iraelites were enslaves by the babylonians and etc. It's poignant to say that there's truth to being sold by your own brothers. Again history has it...Joseph was sold by his own brothers the son of Jacob in the biblical time...there's betrayal in every man even his own flesh. No matter what your color is. Well done James......Tess

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Asia Joseph 19 August 2008

Very nice, felt the emo, thank you for sharing pls comment

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AB Faniki 15 September 2019

Greed has always have a hand in some of the worst crime commiditted by mankind. Thanks 4 sharin

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Terry Dawson 14 April 2018

Human nature is the villain. Great poem, James!

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Shirley Hanley 03 January 2010

Who indeed... for we are all brothers/sisters under the skin... are we not?

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Breanna Givens 01 April 2009

reading this poem made me think, it was very delightful.... keep writing

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Cindy Kreiner Sera 30 March 2009

After reading, one can only come to the conclusion that nothing has changed. Man is a 'sale' waiting to happen, easily swayed, at whatever price, no end in sight... We sell ourslves into the bargain. Good write....Cindy

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