A Mountain Speaks Poem by James B. Earley

A Mountain Speaks

Rating: 3.2

That distant valley
Far below
Was I...as a child
........Eons ago

I've known great happiness
Shared...such strife
As that of the dinosaur
Struggling for life

From a simple existence
I've seen Man grow
In the scheme of evolution
I'll watch......him go

I question......my being
Invariably...I find
.....A mere speck of sand
On......God's beach...of time

Author's note: The poem addresses Mt. Tamalpais, geographically to the immediate north of San Francisco's Golden Gate Bridge. (The Mountain is sometimes known as 'The Sleeping Maiden, ' of Native American legend.) From my home, overlooking the northeastern perimeter of San Francisco Bay, I am blessed with a spectacular panorama of this magnificent creation! Viewing the Mountain, north to south, one can imagine the figure of a reclining female with an abundance......of long...flowing hair.

During periods of intense reflection, considering the Mountain....its splendor...its circumstance...its aggregate history...its future...its reticent humility...and the arrogant juxtaposition of Mankind, I often wondered, should the Mountain speak...What would it have to say? This work is the manifestation of untold hours of meditative thought.......a spiritual rendition of extraordinary.....time....and place!

Thanks to Rani Turton......whose observation was the catalyst inspiring the author's remark....

Alison Cassidy 23 February 2008

Love your crisp style and understated delivery. Wisdom with just a touch of angst. A grain of sand indeed. love, Allie ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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Lynda Robson 26 February 2008

Wonderful title and wonderful poem, thanks for sharing, Lynda xx

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Shelley L Baxter-stanley 28 February 2008

So impressed with this poem.Great title and great vision went into speaking for the mountain ((Smile)) ...neat different kind of perspective to write from! I so enjoyed this piece and I Thank U so much for sharing. Keep up the Great work..... Shelley

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Janice Windle 02 March 2008

You express a philosophical truth about growing old, James, and I like the conceit of having the mountain speak it. Yes, life is cyclical and we are the sum of all that has happened to us and around us, however large and grand we look on the outside. Your other poems express a similar humility and i like them very much.

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Irene Clark-hogg 21 March 2008

How nice it is to find a true poet; one who can put out his ideas down in a disciplined way. The rhythm of your philosophy is music to my ears. Irene

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Akhtar Jawad 18 April 2018

Beautiful is the sleeping mountain and beautiful is the poem describing it.

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Shirley Hanley 03 January 2010

This poem has many layers... I am very moved by your observations. I've probably seen that mountain [I was once a stewardess living in Burlingame]. We all are as grains of sand and together we form God's beach.

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Indira Renganathan 14 July 2009

I agree with all other comments....wordless more I clap...keep clapping...and...may my endless clapping reach that speaking mountain...special clapping for thoe last two lines....awesome

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Mimi Fakhira 12 May 2009

There's a lot of benefit by reading this page. My heart is touched by the beautiful words and inspired me to write more good poems... and I also got to learn a bit of history and geography! ! ! Thanks a lot.10++++++ from me......

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Reshma Ramesh 06 May 2009

what a beautiful write.................. you have truly spoken for the mountain....well penned

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