'' After...Shocks'' Poem by krissi b'williams

'' After...Shocks''

Rating: 3.9

and earthquakes crumble each mans' construction
blizzards with the frost bitten snow, leave us homeless out in the cold
EARTHQUAKES, beget tremors, that seem to last 4ever
turning buildings into concrete n rock
even though i never experienced them
1st hand, i lived with the aftershocks.....
dealing with him....
the embarassment, n humiliation, the whole lot....
ive watched on t.v. what nasty weather can do.....the damage it can bring.....but compared to you.....
against you, mother nature aint got a thing
your a mixed of mother nature n father time....
counting down each second...down the line.....

but as mother nature destoys the earth, atleast she starts a new
bringing new life to birth
they say theres always a calm b4 the storm
well the weather people have it so wrong.....
1st you hit me with a BLIZZARD, that froze
my heart, my body, n soul,4m head to my toes
then came the HURRICANE...ripping apart, anything in your its way
which just happened to be my heart, in its course that day
then the TORNADO, ripiing n tearing
each n everything....down the path
which was my luv 4 you..it was on the paths track
they say b4 a TORNADO comes it makes an awful sound
like a frieght train, in the air, n, on the ground
every which way you looked around
in every direction you hear its sound

those last bursts of screams, stuck inside a scary dream
of what every storm 4m you took away 4m me
the lose of my pride n diginity
then for the last blow, you sent a massive TIDAL WAVE
to finish me off 4 sure
the VOLCANO blasted me scorching lava, all 4m the earths core
now i give you my pain and aches, and hearts sobs
in 1 day 5 storms, took me away, poece by piece
every1 by your doing....i winded up losing
everything that was once mine..robbed
my foundation, ripped, n, stripped, broken in 2

destroyed n vanished, left in piles....of concrete n rock
storms impressed with smiles
but after i get over all 5 aftershocks..your world is going to be rocked
your gonna deal with alot......more....then your storms gave to me
just be sure n ready, that you can handle.....my mother natures mystery of cruelity..............

Poetic Soul 09 July 2009

I like this poem, it's full of emotions.10+++++++.

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Lady Grace 10 July 2009

the last stanza reveals the summary of all the stanzas mentioned above...grace

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Marieta Maglas 19 July 2009

nice piece, well penned with interesting ideas.....

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Olympia Melone 11 December 2009

i am not really a poetry person, but i read intertwined souls, and became hooked on your writings...so i will read as many as i can, and rate em, and comment..if you could do me a huge favor, and suggest a couple of poets you like too...10s

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Vijay Menon 30 September 2009

a very powerful poem

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Tamara Hanaring A Thought Mate 25 September 2009

a sad story so powerfully penned...well said

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Surya . 14 August 2009

beautiful poem. fantastic imagery.voted10 surya

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Something Special 14 August 2009

a brilliant detailed poem of the pain we feel after a break-up

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