Embers N A Fire Ablaze Poem by krissi b'williams

Embers N A Fire Ablaze

Rating: 4.9

MEMORIZING, how the embers are flickering
each flame seems to be dancing
wood thats crackiling 4m the heat
and both it and the fire are bickering
as to the charcoal we added, now is turning 4m black to grey
and the wood starts to burn slowly, as it withers away
ashes...flying all around...up high in the air
pieces fallen upon us, as they fall to the ground
ashes that now have turned to dust
as the fire flames leap high, and the fire is so alive

each spark has spoke, with the words made out of smoke
speaking the words....of my love and lust
as each wind gust
reinforces it over n again
the truth that lay on the tip of my tongue
i wish i knew, what to say..what ive been waiting
to say to you...but everytime i try to....
i freeze, and begin the hesitation
as each flame reaches high, headin 2wards the moonlit sky

and as ember begins anew, as the wind and ash have flew
i catch the flickering shadows at play..streaming along your handsome face
then a small wind blew...a small circle around me n you
the forces of nature freeze the time
and across the fires, that slowly dim
then sets a bright blaze...i whisper into the wind
practicing what i want to say to him
my heart stands still as i take in the fill
of the handsome glow of your face
the only sounds...are of the wood crackiling on the ground
the very sound, of my heart that grew a bit
LOUD, as i recaptured the shadows across your face
over the fire pit....my heart skipping in place

in this frozen moment of time..as you come near, closer to my side
now the space was yours and mine...just for a moment in time
all that i could hear, was the echoes of the fire, and the fast beat
of my heart thats jumped with a start, as the 2 sounds seemed to just coincide
each phase of the burning fire, filled me with so much desire
turned the heat up within me
from the top of my head to the tip of my feet
hotter then the fire...ablaze..was my desire dancing in the flames
caught the out; ike, contour, and shadows of your georgeous face

embers that flew, around unto the ground
all around in the air..as the wind slightly blew
as it surrounded us 2
whispers of my love, lust, as the embers have all now turned to dust
as now would ever compare, not the fire, nor it blaze
but as you stood there
bit by bit......in the smoldering glaze..of the fire pit
as it n i caught the handsome shadows that played across your gorgeous face.........................

Dr.subhendu Kar 09 July 2009

each spark has spoke, with the words made out of smoke speaking the words....of my love and lust as each wind gust......................................... yet fire by desire inflames within by lust each flecks of fire flicks by light of love.... ashes from embers mingles into dust and the lover redounds to love....................yet most passionate, yet ingenious write by imagery,10++++, thanks for sharing

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Dave Tanwar 21 January 2023

Beautiful poem again Krissi

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Krista'lyntinia Lancelaotti 27 November 2009


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Teresa Babson 29 September 2009

1 word 'passionate'...very enthralling. better then sex

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WOW Krissy..despite i was feeling sleepy before start reading this poem but i continued till the end and loved all the images you said then found me saying wow for the end of your poem..loved it....

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Poetic Soul 09 July 2009

A very passionate write, by the image.10++++

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