Brief Encounter Poem by jerry hughes

Brief Encounter

He saw her, and knew he had to meet her,
this elfin girl with bobbed hair
and an oval face.
Eyes as big as saucers, and lips,
sweet jasus, her lips.

What's your name?
Helen, she replied.
Of Troy? he blurted foolishly.
She smiled, and her smile
seared into his brain.

Have coffee with me?
I don't know you.
You will, by the second cup.
You sound so sure.
I am. I am.

Only for coffee?
For now.
And later?
Later is later.
Now is now.

And I have to tell you -
I love you.
You're mad.
You're to blame.
Yes, you're so lovely.

I have to go, they're expecting me.
My parents, for dinner.
Not yet.
I have to.
I've offended you.
Then you don't have to go.

I'll phone them.
What can I say?
Tell them, you've fallen in love
with a madman.
And you won't be coming home,

You are mad.
Yes I am.
I love your madness.
Sanity can be so cruel.

Where shall we go?
Where would you like to go?
Anywhere, with you.
Are you sure?
As sure as I'll ever be.

I don't even know your name.
What would you like to call me?
And you'll be my, Lilith.

Are we going to hell?
But heaven first, I think.

Raymond Wright 07 April 2007

Beatiful, wonderful, romantic, sexy, cocky, humorous. I love it. ~Ray

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Alison Cassidy 07 April 2007

This one is so sexily assertive and persuasive (a bit like it's author - even at 76 would you believe) . Wonderful to read it again. One of my favourites. You clever lad. love, Allie xxxx

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Not a member No 4 09 April 2007

Yes, m Mr Hughes, you have the 'gift of the gab' as we say over here. An irresistible tide of persuasion. Great dramatic dialogue! ! The best to ye. jim

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annie okia 17 April 2007

Very sexy, my kind of poem, straight to the nonsense, loved it alana

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Elysabeth Faslund 30 June 2007

Why can't this be me, for a change...but NO, it always happens to someone else. She gets the perfect madman, and I get the normal abstract. this is SO good! ! ! Write me a real man and send him UPS! xxElysabeth

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Quin Faas 01 November 2009

Jerry! This brought smiles to my face and laughs to my soul.

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Onelia Avelar 26 October 2008

A brief encounter, short/bobbed hair, short sentences, but I have a strange feeling as if in the space between the beginning and the end of the poem lie years and years. It is a great poem, actually that kind of brief encounters sometimes twist the time and one hour seems soooo long...

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Taylor Seaton 10 August 2008

Sweet Jasus! One of my favorite lines From one of my favorite poems. Completely enthralling.

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Melissa Coventry 13 October 2007

Ahhh what a refreshing read! ! ! That was great! ! Im chuckling after reading that one.. That was a brillant write and very much enjoyed! Im intrigued by the inspiration.. Hope by a real first meeting! ! Yet even so the style of your writing just engages a reader... WE WERE ALL SUCKED IN BY THE MADMAN! ! ! ! hahaha and we are all the happier for it... Take care and enjoying your clever poems, Mel xx

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R H 14 August 2007

I love this Jerry, the characterisation and poetic dialogue is superb - intriguing, engaging and definitively yours. jz.

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