Against All Odds Poem by Jessie Clarete Bernabe Cadsawan

Against All Odds

Rating: 5.0

An argument for a difference of opinion
An alteration to modify there must be revision
Willing to be drenched, swim the deepest ocean
Indefinite future a great decision, for life is a gamble.

Righteous and decent a virtuous foundation
A pedestal of which one must have put on
An established root to strong hold the soil
For the survival of the fittest must carry on.

Disastrous life to drive and be driven
To use and be used to fool and be fooled
Cause in this world only two ways to follow
A good conscience or a cheater on the loose.

The truth is that if you walk righteous way
Loneliness and defeat is unseen not accessible
But taking the ghost of the evil creation
Doomed will be life, to hell the origin of creation

Source of life, was love and human desire
And the cords that bind, tied tightly for the game
A good watch over for the main menu to gamble
Wrecked life goes if not determined and never win.

But then get realizing that though life’s a gamble
We choose to have played it than to lose not fighting
Comply with your ability, and cross the burden
Cause you prefer to live life, a life against all odds.

(August 16,2009 at 1: 00 pm Philippines)

Sulaiman Mohd Yusof 17 August 2009

At least I've gained some knowledge from this writes.Thanks Jessie.Keep on writing.

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